Galileo 3310, Vacuum Metallizer

Ref : 1840219-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Galileo
Model : 3310, Vacuum Metallizer
Year(s) : 2002
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 26 May. 2022

GALILEO 3310 Vacuum Metallizer
Year 2002
Working width (mm) 3350
Materials PET 8-35MY; BOPP 11-60MY; LDPE 20-100MY ;CPP 20-60MY; PVC 20-80MY
Max diameter reel unwinder 1000mm
Max diameter reel rewinder 1000mm
Evapouration Boots 37
Pumping down time to 5x10-4 mbar: less than 5 min.

Pumping system :
Metallizing chamber : diffusion pumps 50000 l/sec.
Roots pumps 5500 m3h .
Winding chamber : roots pumps 13000 ; roots pumps 5500 m3h
Guard chamber : roots pumps 5500 m3/h , roots pumps 1000 m3/h

Plasma treatment No
Polycold two polycold

Additional information :
Max web width 3350mm
Max - min metallising width : 3330 -1270mm
Max diam 1000mm ; internal core diam 254/152mm
Max weight : 3500 Kg
Winding system : max working speed 1000mm - min 90 m/min .
Four motor driven rollers, regulated by a drive control system which controls
the dynamics of the web transport (the speed and the tension values along the film path).
The unwinding and rewinding axles, with locking devices for expanding shafts (manually operated).
One spreader bowed roller before the metallization, which is synchronised to the coating drum.
The bending plane can be adjusted from the Operator console during the process (remote control).
Its bow degree can be changed when the machine is in stand-by.
The coating (process) drum chromium plated and polished.
One tensioning ("capstan") roller·
Several web guiding rollers before and after the metallizing drum.
Tendency driven roller is mounted after the coating drum.
A lay-on arm for the rewinder with these features: One spreader bowed roller.
The bending plane can be varied from the console during the process
"Distance" and "contact" modes are possible
Electrical feedingV :Tension (+6-10%) 480 [V]
Frequency (±4%) 60 [Hz] Phase: 3
Wires: 3 + ground
Max. absorbed power (approx.) : 550 [kW]
Cooling water : Flow rate (approx.) : 800 [l/min]
Evaporation system :· Sources lay-out for a high
Aluminium uniformity (boats on two rows)
A large diameter metallization drum provides for a lower heat impact on the film
The evaporating sources (bars of intermetallic sintered materials) are press- fitted to water-cooled copper-spring-loaded clamps

Individual power supply control for each source; · Individual Al wire feeding by means of stepping motors.
Short and straight Al wire feeding system to prevent wire jamming
The evaporation area is enclosed within cooled shields, lifted for fast cleaning.
The "shutter", a cooled movable shield, covers the heat sources before running on the film.
It opens automatically at a pre-set minimum speed, and closes
when the same speed is reached during deceleration or when an emergency occurs.
Direct observation of the sources through a large window protected from Al dust
The PLC controls the sources switch-on, the progressive heating, the delayed switch off (for Al drying),
and the delayed venting of the chamber for cooling the sources
Adjustable metallizing width by means of movable cooled shields under the process drum.
The motor-driven shield can swing down, for easy cleaning.
Extra Cooling Element “EX.C.EL” An isolated “high” pressure zone enhances the heat transfer from plastic material to chilled rollers.
The system, a sort of “cooling chamber”, controls the film temperature trend during metallization
(qualitatively represented by the lower curve of the graph) allowing more favourable conditions
with respect to the standard system (“low pressure”) and, even more so,
with respect to a metallization without simultaneous web chilling (“no cooling”).
Advantages are: Lower roll temperature. Heat-generated wrinkles avoided .
The machine is managed by a control system .
The first channel (called FIELD BUS) connects the command and control systems: PLC, DC Drivers
Evaporation sources Controllers, I/O etc.
It is specifically designed for high reliability in industrial environment.
The second channel is represented by the connection between the control PLC and the supervision PC.
The PC may be included in the factory LAN making the process

Width 11 [m]
Length (with opened carriages 18 [m]
Height 3 [m]
Approx. Weight 80 [t]
Slitter : GALILEO Model: MRS 3312 ;Year: 2002
Working width (mm): 3350 .
Materials: PET: 8 -35 MY;BOPP: 11-60MY;LDPE: 20-100MY;CPP: 20-60 ;PVC: 20-80 MY
Speed: 1000M/MIN mechanical speed
Max diameter reel unwinder: 1270
Rewinder type: Center and surface driven with independent arms
Max diameter reel rewinder: 1000

Rewinder description: Center wind, with pressure adjustable peripheral contact rollers.
Trolley for reel unload. Knives: razor blades slit system
Unwinder: Chucks: Mechanical / Pneumatical 76 + 152 + 254 [mm]
Sidelay register excursion ± 76 [mm]
Sidelay register operation - Electro-hydraulic FIFE
Sensor - ultrasonic edge
Rewinder: max reels width from 330 [mm] -to 3350 [mm]
Chucks Mechanical expansion
Reels unloading on trolleys;

The process is carried out under high vacuum in a closed chamber, in which several boots located
under a process roller are used to evaporate aluminium wires.
This material condensates on the web, running close by these boots.

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