Gavazzi GF/1-130 °C, Laboratory dye

Ref : 2505575-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Gavazzi
Short Description : GF/1-130 °C, Laboratory dye
Year(s) : 2014
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Laboratory unit for atmospherical and/or high temperature dyeing of textile natural, synthetic fibres or blends.

1. Unit with n. 1 dyeing positions.
2. Max. capacity of dyeing bath 9000 cc.
3. Programmer/controller/regulator with graphic display and integrated PLC (max temperature 130° C.).
4. Dyeing process con start at a fixed delayed hour.
5. Safety thermostat.
6. Heat insulation of water bath.
7. lndirect automatic cooling with water by means of electro-valve.
8. Equipped with n. 1 tank for dyeing bath loading in automatic (max 1600 cc.).
9. Equipped with n. 2 tanks for automatic products dosing (max 150 cc. each one).
10. Continuous washing in automatic
11. Automatlc filling of dyeing bath.
12. Automatic filling of H20 with liters counter.
13. Dyeing bath drain in automatic.
14. Equipped with n. 1 crate materiai holder (rotation right/left con be adjusted in minutes).
15. Equipped with n. 1 collection of dyeing bath.
16. Unit made of stainless steel.
17. Dimensions in mm.: Length 900-Depth 930-Height 1050. Electric alimentation: 3 x 400 V. Three-phases + N. - 50 Hz.

Fully automatic dyeing machine, from pre-treatment to washing off - Load unload principle (similar to bulk).
It can dye yarn skeins and fabrics made of any dyeable fibres and their blends.
All Parameters are fully programmable, including Auto Dosing.

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