GE (General Electric) LM2500 ENGINE GENERATOR SET

Ref : 2020742-8-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : GE (General Electric)
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 03 Jan. 2020

Engine LM2500 PE, Model MDW (Engine is new.) Includes inlet bell mouth. Serial number 481-805

Packager GE (Original)
ESI (Refurbished)

Performance (on oil) 22,600 kW
(estimated) 10,000 Btu/kWh (HHV) (with exhaust enhancer)
42 ppmdv NOx
60 F ambient temp
60% RH
1,072 ft elevation
4.0” H2O inlet loss
6.0 “H2O exhaust loss
Water Injected

Baseplates I-Beam type; Separate CT and Gen baseplates

Enclosures Included, for turbine and generator. Redundant CT compartment ventilation. AC internal lighting. Includes engine
removal lifting fixtures.

Fuel Engine manifolds provided for liquid fuel and natural gas. Gas control valves and accessories not included.

NOx Abatement Water Injection

Generator GE Type D155T2, air-cooled (Refurbished)
Ser No. 316X332
26,471 KVA @ 0.85 Power Factor

Generation Frequency 60 Hertz

Generation Voltage 13.8 KV

Excitation Brush type with Basler DECS 300 AVR

Line/Neutral Cubicles Included, with CTs, PPT, surge capacitors and lightning arrestors.

Power System Stabilizer Included (Basler)

Inlet Air System Inlet Screens
Final Barrier Filters (Note: Pre-filter system is not included.)
Fogging System (MEE) (New)
Ladders and Platforms

Exhaust System Exhaust ducting, including silencer, Exhaust Flow Enhancer (new) and stack. Ducting suitable for installation
of SCR.

Start System Electro-hydraulic (New)

Lube Oil Systems Separate for turbine (synthetic) and generator (mineral oil).
Generator system has (2) AC pumps, DC emergency pump.

Cooling Water System Closed loop water-to-air cooling system. New fan and pump motors and selected instruments.
Designed for 97F ambient.

Water Injection System Included (New)

Control System Control House included (New). Includes 480v and 125 VDC MCCs, Generator Breaker with CTs and PTs, Mark
V turbine controller, Basler AVR and PSS, synch panel and GE Global HMI. I/O cubicle mounted on GT enclosure. Generator MFR
protective relay included. 500 KVA 13.8/480 aux transformer included.

Generator Switchgear 13.8 kV, included.

Batteries 125 VDC rack and charger. (Batteries to be supplied by purchaser.)

Fire Suppression Fire and gas detection and extinguishing system (CO2) serving turbine compartment. Dedicated 24 V battery
and charger system.

Water Wash System Included (New)

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