Ref : 2119992-14-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : GE
Model : LOGIQ P9
Year(s) : 2015
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Used, mint condition
Power supply: 230 V,
The frequency of 50/60 Hz.
LOGIQ P9 is a transportable high-quality multi-purpose ultrasound tests designed to: abdominal, vascular, obstetric,
gynecological, cardiac, neonatal, urological, transkranialnych and small organs,
Regardless of whether you need immediate triage or comprehensive study, LOGIQ P9 somehow provide a coherent image,
a comprehensive range of applications and ease of use, allowing physicians to make fast and informed decisions

System architecture:
TruScan Architecture ™ - an extremely advanced software and hardware platform for ultrasound imaging.
With the enormous computing power ensures excellent image, high flexibility shaping parameters and the camera easy expansion in the future,
TruAccess ™ - it is a unique solution that gives GE access to the raw data.
The saved image format of the original data can be ultrasound with the same quality viewed and treated in the future,
CodeScan ™ - a system of coded ultrasound scan of the fourth generation, providing high image quality and expansion of clinical applications,
SmartScan ™ - combines high bandwidth ultrasound, conducting extensive archive while maintaining the required standards of classified information
ComfortScan ™ - the most ergonomic product ideal for high performance, comfort and ease of work,

Standard equipment Camera:
LCD monitor with a diagonal of 21.5 "
The fully articulated arm rotating up and down,
Customizable touchscreen monitor to control camera functions with a diagonal of 10.4 "
The built-in archiving system allows you to record patient data, static images, loops and reports
of imaging studies recorder with integrated CD-RW, DVDR / RW and able to write on the pages of flash memory (pen-drive) after exiting the USB
4 active sockets for heads only electronic
The compact, lightweight design suitable for small spaces, increasing the mobility of the device,
also thanks to the wireless LAN and the possibility of working on the battery,
TGC and digital keyboard,
64-bit Windows 7 operating system,

Applications packages and spreadsheets contained in the standard:
Musculo - skeletal,
Small organs,
Pediatric and Neonatal,

Modes of operation:
Harmonic imaging with digital encoding,
Harmonic imaging with phase inversion,
Color Doppler (CFM)
Power Doppler (PDI) with directional maps,
Pulsed Doppler (PW Doppler) mode High PRF
Continuous Wave Doppler,
Tissue Doppler,
M-Color Flow Mode
Real time Triplex mode,
Automatic image optimization mode for B-mode, color-mode, PWD-mode, with a single function key.
Stroke and automatic calculation mode Doppler PWD,
Virtual Convex heads for linear,
Automatic Optimization - Automatic image optimization in an extremely convenient for the operator allows you to set conditions for imaging in B-mode and Doppler pulse,
CE (Coded Excitation) - the use of digitally encoded ultrasound very clearly improves the imaging of deeper lying areas surveyed and thus strengthens weak correlated echo and suppresses signals that are artifacts,
Crossbeam - ultrasonic beam is sent not only perpendicular to the probe tip, but also diagonally in 7 levels
and the correlation received signals forming a single line imaging. CRI increases the contrast, it increases the resolution,
or sharpens the contours of bodies changes and extends the differentiation of tissues.
This function is useful in the study of structures located below the tissue giving a partial acoustic shadowing.
CRI also supports the evaluation of vascular morphology, highlighting the figure of vascular walls,
SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging) - adaptive noise reduction ultrasound,
which by smoothing graininess significantly affect the improvement of visualization and a better edge differentiation of tissues and blood,

Head line 9L-RS
Convex head C1-5-RS
Linear ML6-15RS head,
Videoprinter digital black-and-white,
The inline heater gel

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