GE Optima MR450w MRI Scanner

Ref : 2547322-14-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : GE
Model : Optima MR450w MRI Scanner
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 05 Mar. 2024

System Options: 32 CH
ARC Fastcine iDrive Pro ProbePRESS Diffusion Tensor DW Prep
3DASL Fast gradient Echo Inhance DeltaFlow PROPELLER Three Plane Localizer DISCO Asset Fiesta 2D Inhance 2D Inflow DW PROPELLER Time Course Chemical Shift Blood Flow and Volume Measurement 2D Fat Sat Fiesta Inhance 3D Velocity T1 Flair PROPELLER FiberTrak MDE Plus Bloodsupp Fiesta 3D Inhance 3D Inflow IR T2 PROPELLER TRICKS Cube DIR BRAVO 3D Fat Sat FIESTA Lava T2 Flair PROPELLER VIBRANT-DE Auto Navigator Tracker BrainStat AIF FIESTA -c LAVA -DE QuickSTEP IP Protection Hyperband Cine FLAIR3D LAVA -XV Ready Brain IDEAL IQ Synthetic DWI CINE IR FLAIR EPI 2D MERGE MR-Echo eXtreme Performance Gradient Flex COSMIC Flow Anaylsis 3DMERGE iDrive Pro Plus Phase Imaging Technique
Hypersense Cube T2 3DFRSE multi-echo fgre Smart Prep MAVRIC SL Cardiac T1 mapping 3D Dual Echo Fast Spin Echo and FLAIR Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy SPECIAL Body Navigator Cardiac T2 mapping Delayed Enhancement FSE_XL Multi-Phase (variable delays) Spectroscopy / PROBE
Black Blood SSFSE HyperCube 3D Delayed Enhancement Fluoro -triggered MRA Navigator SSFSE Prospective Motion
Correction Integrated registration DW EPI Time of Flight Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging SSFSE MRCP PS MDE ReadyView
E3DTOF Modality Worklist Performed Procedure Step
T2Star Weighted Angiography Silent MR ReadView Body View
Enhanced DWI IDEAL PROBE 3D Brain T2MAP Focus Read View Brain View Echo Planar Imaging iDrive Probe 2000 Upgrade Tagging Silent Propeller Volume Viewer API
System Software: Application Software Level : DV26.0_R06 Operating System : Helios 6.10
Coils: 1.5T GEM Anterior Array
GEM Flex coil 16ch Large
GEM Flex coil 16ch Small
GEM HNU Anterior
GEM HNU Adaptor Block
1.5T Split Head Coil
HD T/R Knee Coil
Table PA1 Integrated
Table PA2 Integrated

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