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Used GE E-Speed - Cardiac CT Scanner
Description: e-SpeedTM

The GE e-SpeedTM scanner, the world’s fastest computed tomography (CT) imaging platform, delivers a new advanced tool for physicians to see and diagnose heart disease.

Revolutionary Technology in the Fight Against Heart Disease

e-Speed is an important technology for physicians and patients with known or suspected heart disease, because it is a non-invasive solution for assisting in obtaining critical cardiac diagnosis in less than 15 minutes. Cardiac CT imaging is challenging because the coronary arteries are constantly in motion. The mid-right coronary artery moves five-times its own diameter in under 300 milliseconds.

EBTTM Technology

The GE e-Speed uses a patented technology called Electron Beam TomographyTM (EBTTM), which enables the scanner to perform high-speed, high-volume imaging to create motion-free visualizations of the heart and vessels.

The difference between EBT and CT technology is that EBT features an electron beam that is focused onto one of four tungsten target rings positioned beneath the patient. Because there are no moving parts besides the patient table, the design is free from the limitations of centrifugal force, enabling it to achieve the fastest scan speeds. For example, the e-Speed can scan 10 times faster than any conventional CT system.

EBT creates images like a CT scan, but with a faster “shutter speed”, or scan speed. Fast scan speeds are required to allow medical specialists to see pictures of the beating heart, arteries and vessels. For the patient, an EBT scan is a simple and fast exam.

Relevance to Heart Disease

With the GE e-Speed, physicians can now help determine the extent of heart disease in patients without or prior to invasive procedures. Physicians can see the heart's wall motion, blood flow and perfusion, as well as measure coronary calcification and assess plaque.

Specific e-Speed Features: Speed and Resolution

The e-Speed is the only imaging technology that offers 33, 50, or 100ms True Temporal ResolutionTM images at up to 30 frames per second. This type of capability is important because the fastest possible scan modes are required to image high and irregular heart beats often associated with patients with heart disease.

The GE e-Speed features additional proprietary technologies including FlexPhaseTM triggering and eVoxelTM clarity to better capture images of moving heart and the very small coronary vessels. For example, FlexPhase capability allows physicians to capture images exactly when they need them, at any point or points in the R-to-R interval.

Relevant Statistics

• Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the Americas and Europe Cardiovascular disease contributes to one out of three deaths worldwide. 949,619 Americans died from cardiovascular disease in 1998 (latest available statistics)

• 17 million people around the world die of cardiovascular disease, according to the World Health Organization

• More than 60 million people in the United States have one or more types of cardiovascular disease

• An estimated 3.4 million cardiac cath procedures are performed annually, according to IMV Medical Information Division

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