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Manufacturer : GE
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Year(s) : 2010
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 13 Dec. 2018

2010 GE 64 Slice Discovery HD 750 CT Scanner w/ASIR

The Discovery CT750 HD introduces significant enhancements to four areas that define CT image quality: resolution, low contrast detectability, noise reduction and artifact reduction. Combined, they set a new standard in diagnostic imaging; enabling greater degrees of insight, broader applications and new benchmarks of care. The Discovery CT750 HD is designed to deliver up to 50% lower dose, helping assure patients with faster, more confident diagnoses. The Discovery CT750 HD offers the highest available cardiac spatial resolution in the industry at1 18.2 lp/cm. Powered by our proprietary CT scintillator material, the Discovery CT750 HD features Gemstone Spectral Imaging. At temporal registrations speeds of up to 165 times faster than the nearest competitor, GSI is the first quantitative dual energy on the market. In addition to its specialized applications, the Discovery CT750 HD makes an excellent scanner for routine imaging by improving the clarity of the image while lowering patients’ dose. And with our breakthrough Veo image reconstruction technology, the Discovery CT750 HD can acquire images at under 1 mSv with profound clarity. ASiR may reduce dose by up to 50%1 by allowing the use of lower mA protocols— and with high definition image quality across all anatomies—the Discovery CT750 HD can reach any part of the body, any age patient, and any application that demands the leading edge of CT clarity.

2010 64-Slice Discovery HD750 CT Scanner with ASIR (Dose Reduction),

Full Cardiac Package,

NEW in 2015 Perseus MX240HD X-Ray Tube.

Software Version 11MW44.11.V40,

HD 1700 Patient Table,

Advantage Workstation with Volumeshare 4,

GSI Viewer,


Auto Ma,

3000 Image Series,

Connect Pro,


Exam Split,

Data Export,

Copy Composer,


Auto Filter & Transfer,

Sub -0.4 second scan,

Gemstone Spectral Imaging,


Xtream Recon,


High Resolution,

SmartScore Pro,

CardIQ SnapShot Cine,

CardIQ SnapShot,

Axial Shuttle,

Noise Reduction Filter,

EKG Viewer,

Helical Shuttle,

Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking,

Over Lapped Recon-Axial,

Enhanced GSI.