Hanjin Philippines Shipyard Equipment - Online Auction 3

Type : Auction
Ref : 2586166-8
Industry : Factory Equipment
Location : Philippines
Starts at : Oct, 27
Ends at : Nov, 21

Hanjin Philippines Shipyard Equipment - Online Auction 3

*Per information provided by the previous owner:
Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Company Ltd. of the Philippines recognized among the 10th Largest Shipyards In The World
300 Ha/740 Acres of area for the entire manufacturing unit
35000 Staff employed during the height of the Shipyard
Equipment installed new from 2007 to 2009 at the shipyard
Hanjin successfully built the first ship in 2009 at the shipyard

Auction Items:
Mobile Equipment
Hydraulic Truck, Rough Terrain, & Crawler Cranes, Skid Loaders, Excavators, Wheel-Loaders, Over 100 Forklifts 2-16 Ton, Boom Lifts,
Scissor Lifts, Trucks, Trucks With Cranes, Tractors, Trailers, Pick-Up Trucks, Buses, Cars, Vans

Fabricating Equipment
Pressbrakes, C-Type Presses, Edge Rounding Machines, Plate Bending Rolls, Hydr. Ironworkers, Plate Shears, Lathes, Milling Machines

Pipeshop Machinery
Pipe Cutting, Gas Cutting, Pipe Bending, Pipe Rotating, Beveling Machines, CNC Plate Drilling, Beam Drilling, Bandsaw, Drill Grinding Machines

Welding Equipment
Over 5.000 Welders, CO2 Welders 600A & 650A, Submerged Arc Welders 1500A, Arc Welders 600 A, Ac/Dc Welders, Tig Welders, Stud & Butt Welders, Manual Welders 300A, Auto-Fillet Welders, Portable Arc Welders 200A &300A, Dry Ovens, Pre-Heat Welders, Gouging Machines,

Welding Cable, Welding Jacks, Acorn Welding Floors

Gantry & Overhead Cranes
From 5 Ton To 40 Ton Overhead Cranes

Lifting Gear
Hydr. Jacks (Many Various Cap.), Level Hoists, Pull Winches, Air Hoists, Electric Hoists, Chain Blocks, Chain Slings, Lifting Slings, Lifting Shackles, Eye Bolts, Ratchet Straps & Lashing, Spreader Bars

Air Grinders, Drilling Machines, Impact Wrenches, Air Hoses Etc.

Miscellaneous Tooling & Accessories
Flow-Detectors, Flushing Machines, Gas-Detectors, Generator-Sets, Air compressors, Pumps (Airless & Submersible), Laboratory And

Test Equipment

Dockyard Equipment
Scaffolding, Gangboard Staircases, Lighting Towers, Gondolas (450kg), Dehumidifiers, Spot Coolers (6.500 To 15.000cmh),
Fans: Block Lifters 500ton, 2400x Trestles, Vacuum Recovery Systems (75 Kw) Vacuum Cleaners, Iso Containerized Tanks CO2 20 Ton,
Box Containers( 20’ And 40’) Generators, Air-Compressors, Pumps

1. Buyer's Premium: A 10% buyer's premium will be added to the final purchase price for all lots.
2. VAT (Value Added Tax): Be aware that a 12% VAT applies to people who are buying from the Philippines and not registered in a free port zone
3. Sold Subject to Award: All items are sold subject to award, ensuring a fair and transport purchasing process

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