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Used Hewlett Packard Codemaster XL+ - Defibrillator
Description: HP Codemaster XL+ Defibrillator
Used unit with PACING. æFast Charging. æGoes from 0 to 360 joules in under 5 seconds. æBattery Indicator. æLow battery LED message lets you know when battery is running low. æBack-up AC Power. æCan be plugged into a standard AC wall socket. æEasy To Use True 1-2-3 Operation. Makes it easy to learn, easy to use, and speeds response in an emergency. Standard on all HP defibrillators. æEvent Summary. æDocuments and stores up to 28 events, plus even stores data after the unit is turned off. Shock Advisory Option. Lets you know whether a rhythm is shockable or not and guides you through the process of defibrillation. Advisory Event Summary. Included with Shock Advisory, this feature documents and stores up to 50 ECG strips and 200 events in shock advisory mode. Large CRT Display. User friendly messages and monitoring information appear on a bright 5-inch screen. Leads-Off Indicator. Only HP defibrillator/monitors display a dotted line on the screen to tell you when contact is lost with the patient. So you immediately know what's wrong--at a glance. Paddle Contact Indicator. Reduces guesswork by telling you whether you've applied enough pressure to successfully defibrillate a patient. Uncluttered Front Panel. Contributes to easy operation and fast response. High-Visibility Yellow Case. Makes it easy to see at a glance in an emergency. (Also available in parchment white.) Built-in Diagnostics. Lets you know when the unit needs service. Lightweight. Weighs 24 lbs., with an easy-to-carry handle. HP Support. HP Services and Support offers a range of support options to keep your equipment up and running.