JBT Food Tech Crust Freezer

Ref : 2316243-7
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : JBT
Short Description : Food Tech Crust Freezer
Year(s) : 2007
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

This contact freezer uses an ingenious method to freeze food.
Products are conveyed on a thin polyethylene film running
over a refrigerated plate.
The underside of the product gets a stabilizing crust.
It is hard enough to allow the product to be transported
onto a regular freezer belt with no mesh marks or sticking problems.
Complete with overhead coils for impingement freeze
for top of product.
Total length is 135" long x 38" product belt and 3" product clearance.
Refrigerated bed is built by Paul Mueller Co. ,
max working pressure 200 psi @ 200 degree F.,
MDMT -50 d F @ 200 PSI
CRN 0H1369.82 0H7287.51.
Freezer has variable speed control for product belt
and variable speed control for evaporator blower fans.
Unit is used in very good condition.

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