Jetall JTL28D2

Ref : 2347379-11-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Jetall
Model : JTL28D2
Capacity : -
Year(s) : 2016
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

GPU; Model JTL28D2 The advanced technology behind this GPU line is unique, yet simple.
At the core of the Jetall GPU is a basic processor, which acts as the main nerve hub for electrical and moving parts in the unit.
The processor constantly performs real-time checks of the GPU state and condition, engine, generator, electrical flow, fluids status, circuits protection and maintenance issues.
As and when needed, these notifications will be visible on the main control panel of the GPU.
The Perkins engines that we use are the latest in engine technology available at time of assembly.
These engines are so efficient that they will not only provide full rated power at lower RPM than other similar units, they also hold some of the lowest carbon emissions ratings in the market.
The combination of our collective efforts prices our product 20-25% below the prices
of any similar product.

The Jetall GPU components are set up in a modular fashion, ready to be exchanged by using “Plug Out / Plug In” style components.
Last but not least, Jetall GPU spare parts cost are 40-50% less & are all commercially available on the open market.
Alternator: Mecc Alte, 28 Kw, brushless.
Output: 900 amp continuous, 2000 amp Peak Starting Current
Current Limiting: adjustable from 300 to 2000 amps with
Line Drop compensation voltage adjustment
Engine: Perkins 1104C Series, 4 cyl. diesel
Fuel tank: 10 hour run time
Manually activated parking brake
Paint: Baked powder coating, one colour
Operational, maintenance and parts manual
Dimensions: L 103”; W 63”; H 59”; weight 2,850 lbs.

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