Jetall JTL90D4TR 38KVA to 140KVA

Ref : 2347375-11-MT
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Jetall
Model : JTL90D4TR
Capacity : 38KVA to 140KVA
Year(s) : 2021
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

GPU is manufacturer of ground power units (GPU) that meets or exceeds the existing published standards; engine driven and plug-in types with the model's prefix JTL have been available, in 28.5VDC configuration and AC models ranging from 38KVA to 140KVA, on the market since 2003.
Many can be found in service at FBO ramps, military bases, airport authorities, airlines and ground handling companies in North/South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

The advanced technology behind this GPU line is unique.
At the core of the Jetall GPU is a simple processor, which acts as the main nerve hub for electrical and moving parts in the unit.
The processor constantly performs real-time checks of the GPU state and condition, engine, generator, electricity flow, fluids status, protection circuits and maintenance issues.
As and when needed, these notifications will be visible on the main control panel of the GPU.
The engines that we use are the most reliable in engine technology available that comply with Tier 4 F legislation.
These engines are solidly proven a reliable power source for GPU, providing full rated power at 1846 RPM, slower and with lower noise than other units with similar output power.
The combination of our engine / alternator operating at 1846 RPM makes our product price 30-40% below the prices of any similar product

Alternator: Jetall 90 KVA, brushless, 400 Hz.
Engine: Remanufactured DD741 Tier 4 compliant.
Standard Control and Aircraft Protection System
Trailer mounted with 5th wheel steering, tow bar
Parking brake: Towbar lever activated
Manuals included (Operation, Maintenance, Parts)
Finish: Powder coat, one colour

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