Kolbus KM 473

Ref : 2625809-4-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Kolbus
Model : KM 473
Year(s) : 2006
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Perfect Binding Line

Equipped With:
Gathering Machine: Kolbus ZU 804, AGE: 2006
Basic Frame with 21 Gathering Stations
20 Standard Feeders
1 Hand Feeding Station
Book Block Feeder

ZA 800 Stacker Delivery, AGE: 2006
Kolbus VA 422 End Sheet Unit, AGE: 2006
Air Center Becker CS ZU804/01 Vacuum Unit, AGE: 2006
Reject Unit AS 841 To The Right
Integrated Jogging Station
Transfer Channel As Connecting Unit To The Binder.

Perfect Binder: Kolbus KM 473, AGE: 2006
32 Clamps
Hand Feeding
Co-Pilot System Monitor
Main Milling Station
Equalized Milling Station
Notching Station
Micro-Notching Station
Brushing Station With Roller Brush

2 x Pre-Melters LH 370, AGE: 2006
Nordson PUR Spine Gluing System
Hotmelt Spine Gluing Unit
Hotmelt Side Gluing Unit
Gauzing/Lining Station
IR Heating At Curve
Scoring Station For 4 Scores
2 Pressing/Nipping Stations

Stream Cover Feeder SAL 411.A With Shingle Conveyor, AGE: 2006
Gripper Carriage Delivery
Lay Down Device And Reject Station
Transport And Drying Line
Capacity: Max. 8.000 Cycles/Hour
Formats: Max. 383x320x70mm
Max. 460x190x70mm
Min. 105x100x3mm.

Three Knife Trimmer: Kolbus HD 150.B, AGE: 2006
Co-Pilot, Right Hand In-Feed
Counter Stacker
Silicon Spraying Device
Standard Cutting Cassettes 7-18.
Format: Circumcised: Max. 310x430x80mm, Min. 100x120x2mm
Uncircumcised: Max. 310x430x80mm
Capacity: Max. 6.600 Cycles/Hour

Kolbus (Rima) XRS 130 Compensating Stacker, AGE: 2005
All Belts Are Included.

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