Komori LS 429 LX 75 x 53 cm

Ref : 2624633-4-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Komori
Model : LS 429 LX
Size : 75 x 53 cm
Year(s) : 2009
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Max.Size: 75 x 53 cm (29 x 20 inch)
4 Colors, Coating Tower, Extended Delivery
Counter (showing: 34 mio impressions

Equipped with:
PQC-S Komori (Print Quality Control)
PDC-S II (Print Density Control - Colour Management)
KMS IV (Komori Monitoring System)
KHS-AI (Advanced Interface)
AMR (Automatic Make Ready)
Full-APC (Automatic and semi-Auto Plate Mounting)
Cocking Register (lateral, vertical & diagonal)
Automatic Washers Devices: Rollers, Blanket & Impressions cylinders
Pre-connected to CIP3
Komorimatic Dampening
Technotrans Alpha-c 90L Refrigeration System Alcocontrol
Technotrans Basic-fc (Filtration dampening solution)
Feeder with Suction-belt feed table
Double Sheet & Side lay Detector
Ink Temperature Control
Venturi Air Guide (Skeleton Transfer Cylinder)
Chromed Impression Cylinders
Coating Tower Harris & Bruno with "Chambered Doctor Blade" and Anilox Cylinder
Varnish Supply Unit
Extended Delivery
IR Dryer Baldwin GraphiSet 4
Powder Sprays
Air cabinet with the machine
Automatic Washer LithoCoat for Chambered Doctor Blade
Manuals, Tools, Transformer and Accessories

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