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Manufacturer : Liebherr
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 10 May. 2018

Crane, Offshore, 400 T SWL at 20 m - 28 m (40/56 m) boom - Liebherr BOS QTY.:1 each
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West EUROPE, Location: Bergen, Norway
Liebherr BOS 400/6500 Offshore Pedestal Crane, 400 Te SWL w/28 m boom & Counter Weight. 200 Te SWL w/40 m boom. Suitable for subsea construction work. Very good condition.
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Manufacturers Part No.:
BOS 400/6500
Offshore Crane
Year of manufacture:
Rebuilt 2003
Inspection Status:
LRS 13. Sept. 2011
Documentation Status:

The crane was previously installed on a semi-submersible platform and can either be operated in standard set-up (max. SWL 200 Te), or alternatively with counter-ballast (max. SWL 400 Te). The max. operation radius is 56 m with long boom aux. hoist with 10 Te SWL.

SWL capacity with short boom and 0% Counterweight:
400 Te / 9.5 - 11 m radius
220 Te at 28 m radius
10 Te / 13.6 - 45.6 m radius (aux. hoist)

SWL capacity with short boom and 100% Counterweight:
400 Te / 9.5 - 20 m radius
230 Te at 28 m radius
10 Te / 13.6 - 45.6 m radius (aux. hoist)

Current SWL capacity with Main Hoist and long boom (rigged up as shown on pictures):
200 Te / 11 - 20 m
160 Te / 11 - 25 m
100 Te / 11 - 40 m
10 Te / 15 - 56 m (aux. hoist)

The crane can also perform sealifts (subsea construction) with 400 Te SWL at 600 m depth and e.g. 300 Te at 800 m depth.
Lift Height with 8 fall/620 m, with 2 fall/2620 m
It is equipped with a Variable Constant Tension System.

Power Supply:
3 phase 440 v 1194 amp 728 kW required.

Condition (upgraded and rebuilt in 2003):
The crane was totally refurbished and received an extensive upgrade by Liebherr in 2003, including installation of a new cabin, new control system, upgrade of the power pack etc.).

Description of major refurbishment work done to the crane in 2003.:
1) Complete crane structure, including boom, A frame and slewing column were shot blasted and re-painted.
2) New machinery house and cab were installed.
3) Complete new electrics were installed including new PLC (Litronic), Load monitoring system, cabling and electric motors.
4) Complete new hydraulic system (Pumps, motors, valves, hoses etc.)
5) 2 x new tugger winches installed.
6) New auxiliary hoist winch installed.
5) 4 new Luffing gearboxes
6) All 6 slewing gearboxes overhauled.
7) All sheaves were replaced
8) All coolers (gear oil, hydraulic oil) were installed.
9) Slew ring was overhauled by manufacturers Roth Erde.
10) Hooks were overhauled by manufacturer Hinrich Mohr
11) Slip rings were overhauled
Crane was re-installed and commissioned by Liebherr. Then certified by Lloyds.

The crane load control system was upgraded to EU Standard EN 13852-1 in 2009. The crane was last time certified by LRS in Sept. 2011.

The crane is a well maintained machine in very good condition with excellent performance record.
The crane has counters on each function recording actual operating hours, see below:
Main motors approx – 1200hrs
Slew – 307 hrs
Main hoist – 75 hrs
Aux hoist - 235 hrs
Luff – 310 hrs
Tugger 1 – 320 hrs
Tugger 2 – 67 hrs

The above hours have been recorded since the cranes major overhaul back in 2003, all evident on the crane software and the Platform Maintenance Management System. This should be sufficient evidence that there should be no requirement to replace any major components such as slew bearing, winch motors, pinions, bearings, etc... The crane ropes would have to be replaced. In addition to the above the crane would also come with a full upgrade package for emergency operation supplied by Liebherr, however, this kit was never installed to the crane.

Diameter of pedestal: 5020 mm Ø
Wall thickness of pedestal: 40 mm
Bolt hole circle C - C: 4745 mm Ø
Weight: 23600 kg (pedestal adaptor)

The crane parts were removed as per the original Liebherr drawings.
Boom = 158 Te (removed as one single lift)
A Frame = 57 Te
Machinery house and slew ring (combined) = 120 Te (removed as a complete unit)
Crane Pedestal (Taken off as a complete unit less 150mm left on deck)= 40Te
Crane block = 12 Te

The crane house and boom can be broken down in lighter pieces if required before shipping.

The crane was removed from the vessel in April 2013.