Macchi COEX5 Film Blowing Machine

Ref : 2103729-6-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Macchi
Model : COEX5
Short Description : Film Blowing Machine
Year(s) : 2002
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 01 May. 2020

Number of layers 5
Film structure thickness range: 20-400my, ABCDE
Material LDPE/LLDPE, Barrier fillms
Film Width (mm) 1600
Output (Kg/h) 350
Extruder 1 Layer ref: I
Screw diam 65 barrier type
Extruder 2 Layer ref: A1
Screw diam 64 barrier type
Extruder 3 Layer ref: B
Screw diam 65
Extruder 4 Layer ref: A2
Screw diam 45 barrier type
Extruder 5 Layer ref: O
Screw diam 65 barrier type
Head description 5 layer
Die diam (mm) 400 with 2,5 and 1,45mm gaps
Take off unit Oscillating
Web guide Yes
Rewinder description BACK TO BACK Contact type

Additional information :
One component gravimetric system for all 5 extruders (Extrumate) 3 volumetric systems (Colotronic)
In a blown film extruder PE granulates (or other polymer) are melted in an extruder
and pushed through a circular die extruding a tube of molten polymer.
Tube is then inflated to multiples of its initial diameter and cooled to form a thin film.
Bobble is later collapsed and re-winded.

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