Maquet SERVO-I ventilator

Ref : 2146512-14-GO
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Maquet
Model : SERVO-I ventilator
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Used, very good technical condition,
Number of hours worked: 76924 h,
The ventilator is intended for ventilation of patients with respiratory failure without age restrictions for use in intensive care units,
Technical specifications:

The 12.1-inch color monitor is used to support breathing functions and to present curves
or loops of volume, pressure, flow and ventilation parameters along with trends,
Respiratory frequency - newborn version 4-150 breaths / min, version only for adults 4-100 breaths / min,
SIMV frequency: 1-60 breaths / min,
The ratio of inhalations to exhalations is regulated in the range I: E 1:10 - 4: 1, or temporarily T insp. (s): 0.1-5
Pressure range: for newborns 0-80 cmH2O, for adults 0-120 cmH2O (-PEEP),
PEEP range: 0-50 cmH2O,
Total volume of a single breath: for newborns 2-350 ml, for adults 100-4000 ml,
Minute volume: for newborns 0.3-20 l / min, for adults 0.5-60 l / min,
Ventilation parameters are subject to constant monitoring and recording in the memory.
Emergency situations are also remembered and alarm limits are set automatically for the age group with full adjustment,

Ventilation modes:
Controlled ventilation:
Controlled PC pressure,
Controlled VC volume,
Controlled volume with PRVC pressure regulation,
Assisted ventilation:
VS volume support,
Pressure support PS,
Combined ventilation:

Unique features:
Ultrasonic flow measuring system,
Wearable electronic oxygen sensor,
NAVA (ventilation stimulated from the diaphragmatic nerve),

The ventilator placed on the original mobile trolley:
Comfortable carrying handles,
Four large wheels, including two with brakes,

The patient's respiratory system with a 2-liter breathing bag,
Oxygen (O2) and air (AIR) supply hoses with endings for customer's choice (DIN or AGA),
CO2 sensor - not included (can be retrofitted for an additional fee),
Power cord,
User manual in Polish (PDF),

Ventilator dimensions: 37 x 20.5 x 41.5 cm,
Dimensions with the trolley: 56 x 64 x 132.5 cm,
Weight incl. Trolley: 40 kg,
Cat 03,

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