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MDT Castle GLS-10V Tabletop Autoclave Steam Sterilizer - Preowned in Good Condition


This GLS-10V Table top Sterilizer has been designed for use in medical and dental offices, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other facilities where a variety of materials require processing.

The GLS Sterilizer can be used for wrapped or unwrapped Instruments, linen packs, liquids, test tubes and Petri dishes.

An optional Data Logger tape print-out provides a permanent record of actual exposure times and temperatures.

Sterilize cycle starts after exposure time and temperature has been selected, the door closed and fully latched and the cycle start button depressed. The proper amount of water automatically enters the chamber when the cycle start button is pressed. Steam pressure from within the chamber seals the door gasket. Exposure time count-down begins only after the selected exposure temperature has been reached. Steam pressure exhausts automatically when cycle is complete. To guard against equipment damage, a low water cut-off switch prevents the sterilizer from operating if water in chamber is insufficient. Water in chamber exhausts with steam at the end of the cycle to recondition chamber for drying goods.


- Sterilization starts after exposure time and temp have been entered

- Proper amount of water is added to chamber after started

- Time counts down after desired temperature has been reached

- Steam is vented automatically at the end of the cycle

- Low water cut off switch

- Tank Size approximately 10" in diameter by 15" deep

- An optional Data Logger tape print-out (not included)

- A permanent record of actual exposure times and temperatures.


Cabinet Size: 16W x 18H x 23L inches (406W x 457H x 584 mm)

Chamber Size: 10" diameter x 15-1/2" Usable Depth (254mm dia. x 393mm Usable Depth)

Tray Size: One 15-1/4" x 9" x 1-1/4" (387mm x 228mm x 32mm)

Weight: 70.5 Ibs. (32 kgs.)

Heater Wattage:

Processing: 750 + 750 = 1500 W

Drying: 15% of 1500W (225)

Electrical Rating:

115VAC. 50/60 Hz., 12 Amps

230VAC, 50/60 Hz., 6 Amps

Maximum Rated Operating Pressure: 45 psi (310 kPa)

Reservoir Capacity: 4000ml (Approx. 4 qts)