Memmingen MEROMAT T13/3 Rope making machine

Ref : 1187113-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Memmingen
Model : MEROMAT T13/3 Rope making machine
Year(s) : 1993
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA (Central and South)
Last check : 11 Oct. 2019

MEMMINGEN Two for One Combined Stranding and Rope Laying Machine

01 Memmingen Rope making machine
Model : MEROMAT T13/3
Rope range : 3-13mm
Rope Flyer :850 rpm
Strand Flyer: 1800 rpm
Year : 92
Strands: 3
Speed regulation by a frequency inverter .
Adjusment of lay lenght and winding tension infinitely variable by handwheel
Supply bobbins each strands : 6 / 10
Supply bobbins Dia Ø and traverse: 12" x 12"
Coil winder Model :CW13
Standard coil size: 14 1/2" x 22" Ø

This machine is year 1993, machine has very few used and it was well maintained as you can see on the pictures. we also installed a frequency inverter to the main motor for better handling the RPM .

Approximate Producction capacity of Meromat MT13/3 Rope making machine.

P.P Rope 6mm 20 klg / hour
P.P Rope 10mm 60 klg / hour
P.P Rope 13mm 80klg / hour

The MEROMAT MT13/3 can produce ropes from 3 mm to 13 mm , so it is possible to produce ropes 4-5mm , the production capacity will be around the 18 klg / hour , the production capacity will depend on the lay length , material and rpm of the rope flyer speed.

The MEROMAT MT13/3 is a combined strander and rope layer producing finished rope from natural and synthetic fibre yarns in one continues operation, this principle allows the production of any required length of finish ropes.

Machine system:
Outside coiling permits any rope lenght and all kinds of final packages as coils , precision cross - wound bobbin or the rope into huge boxes to get a VERY LONG rope lenght

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