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Molecular Devices Spectramax 340PC Microplate Reader

Microplate Readers: Molecular Devices, Inc.: SpectraMax 340PC

The SPECTRAmax® 340PC microplate spectrophotometer is the first microplate reader to incorporate a grating monochromator, allowing the user to tune from 340 to 850 nm without needing to purchase interference filters. If you need a microplate reader, you need to look at the SPECTRAmax 340PC microplate spectrophotometer.

No Interference Filters Required
The SPECTRAmax 340PC microplate spectrophotometer does not use interference filters. Simply select the absorbance maximum of your sample, and let the monochromator tune to that exact wavelength. Or scan up to 96 wells at any time to determine the best assay conditions. The wavelength range is from 340 to 850 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments; scanning range is from 340-850 nm in 1 nm increments. With the SPECTRAmax 340PC microplate spectrophotometer it's like having 511 built-in filters, so you will always have the correct wavelength for any microplate assay.

Accurate Quantitation
The SPECTRAmax instrument's optical design is the only multichannel system that truly mimics a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Each sample has a discrete sample beam and reference beam so that each well is measured directly. The eight-channel system, consisting of 8 sample beams and 8 reference beams, delivers both superior precision and speed of reading across the microplate.

Test Accuracy and Precision of Liquid Handling Devices
The patented PathCheck sensor measures the depth of the liquid in each microplate well, which information can be used to determine the volume of liquid dispensed. Volumes as low as 5 µL can be accurately measured.

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