Monti Monti Antonio 205 Ironing Machine

Ref : 1797947-1-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Monti
Model : Monti Antonio 205
Short Description : Ironing Machine
Year(s) : 1999
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 04 Apr. 2018

Running Machine. It goes to about 200º

Continuous belt press for knitted fabric ironing/finishing, with steaming upper plate
1. Machine characteristics
1.1. Planes number: 3 in sequence • Steaming frontal plane sucking/steaming • Intermediate lower plane sucking/steaming • Continuous cooling rear plane in exit • Built in automatic stacker
1.2. The upper steaming plane, electrically heated, and with adjustable pressure with possibility to utilize the “block” function.
1.3. Plane dimensions: 2.000 mm (78,74”) x 1.000 mm (39,37”).

2. Heating and temperature control
2.1. The upper plate is heated by means of steam and electric resistors controlled by a touch-screen computer.
2.2.Every steaming plane is equipped with a self-heated steam chamber(lower plane) or electrically heated (upper plate) which guarantees dry steam

3. Other devices into machine

3.1. Automatic, semi-automatic or manual functioning
3.2.Conveyor-belt in polyester
3.3.Built-in automatic stacker
3.4.Alarm for maximum stacker achievement 3.5.Touch-screen computer for 30 regulations and memory for 100 different programs
3.6.Built-in powerful suction fan
3.7.Supplied without boiler but with steam inlet connections for external boiler

4. Technical Data
4.1. Installed power: 7 kw/h
4.2.Average electric consumption: 4.5 kw/h 4.3.Compressed air pressure: 6-8 bar 4.4.Maximum and optimal steam feeding pressure: 3.5 bar
4.5.Overall dimensions: width 2.900 mm (114,17”). length 3.800 mm (149,6”). height 1700 mm (66,93”).
4.6.Net weight: 2.050 kg
4.7.Machine produced according to CE rules