Ref : Clearance Underground Booster Fans/Underground Booster Fans
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Model : MTX
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DSSF series (two-speed) counter-rotating-type counter-rotating axial flow tunnel ventilator is mainly used in high-speed rail, expressway, railway, diversion tunnel metal mine tunnels and other fields. The temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 60 ° C, the temperature is not more than 95 ± 3% (25 ° C) and non-corrosive.

Structure and its characteristics

The series of fans have a current collector, a primary fan, a secondary fan, a motor, a muffler and the like. The body and structure are welded by steel plate. The impeller is made of aluminum alloy die-casting. The fan adopts the direct connection of electric motor and impeller. The transmission is reliable, the overall structure is simple and compact, durable and durable. It is safe to use and easy to maintain.

It adopts international advanced ternary flow aerodynamic theory, and other high-tech design and manufacturing such as pulsing combined orthogonal blades and airfoil, which has advanced level at home and abroad.

It has the characteristics of compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, good wind performance, high wind pressure, stable operation in the working area and wide application range. According to the length of the tunneling surface and the different ventilation requirements of the roadway, it can be used in the whole machine and can be used in stages to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation is the ideal equipment for local ventilation of tunnels in the midfield.

Adopting an outsourced double-type muffling device with ultra-low noise and other characteristics, and the sound-absorbing effect is good.

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