Vertical Cutting Dryer

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Vertical cutting dryer is also called vertical drying centrifuge, be widely used to treat drilling cuttings from oil based mud(OBM) and synthetic-based mud (SBM). It is a core equipment of drilling waste management to reduce waste and increase drilling fluid recovery.

By centrifugal force, solids drilling cuttings are pushed out by angled blades on bowl, drilling fluid is forced out through the screen openings. Oil content of drill cuttings after treatment by vertical cutting dryer is less than 5%.
BZGZ Vertical Cuttings Dryer Specification

Model BZGZ900 BZGZ900-BP
Capacity 30-50t/h
Drying Capacity OOC≤5%
Screen Basket Diameter 930mm
Screen Opening 0.25~0.5mm
Rotation Speed 900RPM 0-900RPM
Max G Force 420G 0-420G
Main Motor Power 55Kw
Oil Pump Power 0.55Kw
Flushing Pump Power 3kw
EX Standard ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
Electric Cabinet Exd Positive Pressurized
Weight 4300kg
Dimension 2680x1750x1650mm
· Max 900RPM rotation speed, 420 G force, separating solids and drilling fluid efficiently. And VFD drive is optional.
. Oil content on drilling cuttings(OOC) after treatment is less than 5%
· Angled blades on bowl are made of hard alloy, long service life
. Each replacement part passed dynamic balancing test separately, guarantee the balancing of whole equipment when any part is replaced
· Oil line cooling system, allow it to be used in high temperature environment
. All-surrounded water flushing system to avoid screen blinding and block of liquid discharge
· Individual stainless steel screen, long service life and easy to replace
. Solids are discharged directly to screw conveyor, guarantee continuous operation
. There is an observation hole on top of equipment, easy to check the abrasion of blade and screen

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