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Ice 1000 Smart Centering Unit

The Ice 1000 is the highest-grade automatic centering device ever developed. In addition to the centering functions, it stands out from the demo template for facet glasses, direct reading of the edges without painting, adjustment of hole positions, modification of the model, and data management. Ice 1000 has the ability to do anything that needs to be done before blocking a glass. Designed to work perfectly with the Lex 1000, ME-1000 and ME-1000 DESIGN + and all the old Nidek glass cutter models.

Top Grade Accuracy and Sensitivity

The accuracy of the measurement of the Ice 1000 is at the highest level with the new optical system designed with the latest technology. Low number glasses can be accurately measured and progressive lenses are automatically recognized. The device lacks image errors due to the prismatic effect.

Glass Grip Mechanism

The Ice 1000 automatically secures the glass thanks to its unique glass grip mechanism. In particular, the risk of axle slip on super-hydrophobic glasses is eliminated.

Integrated Shape Viewer

The Ice 1000 is an extremely intuitive and automatically reads the shape of a demo template. Hole positions are correctly adjusted in 3D on the touch screen according to the demo template display on the screen. It is very easy to perform this operation because the image on the screen can be enlarged.

High Performance Model Replacement

The Ice 1000 is a substructure that supports a number of advanced applications such as Facet hole types, Advanced Model Switching, Pattern, Partial Nilör channel and Partial Bizote making of ME-1000 DESIGN PLUS. The ME-1000 is extremely suitable for managing edited information for processes to be done with DESIGN +. Small size pictures shown in the menu makes it easy to find lost information.

Information Bar

Even a first-time user can use the information bar to see what he / she will do at each stage of the centering process and can see the next step.

Color Code Glass Identification

Ice 1000 has the ability to define left and right glass with different colors. To simplify the glass cutting process and eliminate the risk of error, the green color represents the right window and the red color represents the left window. When performing operations on the screen, the color that appears at the bottom right shows which window you want to process.

Server Feature

The Ice 1000 has two RS-232C and one LAN input. Ice 1000 can work with multiple devices and can be run as a server for small or medium size labs.

RX Data Management

Ice 1000 can store data of hole data, Pattern, Partial Nuisance channel and Partial Bizote as well as present it as Rx Data to other devices as needed.

USB Memory Card Socket

Rx Data can be transferred to any USB Memory Card or external portable USB Hard Drives via the Ice 1000, or it is also possible to transfer data from Lex 1000 to Ice 1000. Data management and transmission is extremely easy and flexible.

Rotatable Suction Cup Adapter

The suction cup rotates robotically to the right and top, making it easier to fit the suction cup.

Large Touch Panel Display

The Ice 1000 makes the device extremely easy to use with its large, color, touchscreen LCD display. Thanks to the information bar, even a first-time user can easily handle what he / she will do at every stage of the centering process.

Color Camera

The unit features a color camera that can perform high sensitivity and automatic brightness control. Thanks to this camera, it works smoothly on all color painted, gradient and even polarized glasses.

Barcode Reader (optional)

Thanks to the barcode reader on the Ice 1000, you can design both space and time.

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