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Lex 1000 Glass Cutting Machine

Optical fashion has undergone a rapid change over the past few years. We started to encounter perfectly designed, Facet and High-Bomber sports frames. In the measure of frames, smaller and smaller models have entered the fashion world. In glass, super slippery hydrophobic and antireflex coatings became inevitable. There is a real competition in the production and development of these glasses. In facet frames, twin holes (Silhouette), rectangular shaped holes and notches are still pop hole types.

... And NIDEK offers Lex to answer all these needs: High-standard Glasses Glass Cutting System required to make glasses with developing glass technology and frame models.

Different (Two-Stage) Fish-Backed Canal Opening Approach for High-Base Glasses

The Lex 1000 fish tread independently profiles the front and rear edges of the canal to make the best channel profile. With the Lex 1000, even with the toughest frames, it is possible for you to design a frame-specific channel at the user's discretion, playing with channel width and height parameters. Thus, the Lex 1000 guarantees a perfect fit in the frame, even with the High-Grade glass every time.
LCD Display

The Lex 1000 has a color LCD screen for easy viewing. Thanks to this simple design, processing with the Lex 1000 has been made very easy. With this system, the optician can see at a glance all the values ​​that need to be checked for error-free operation.

Information Bar

Even the first person to use the information bar, which shows the next step, can easily handle what happens at each stage of the glass cutting process.

3D Fish Back Channel Simulation

Advanced 3D simulation allows you to control the position of the channel and make the necessary interventions as if you were working on real glass. The entire view of the High-Sized Channel can be easily adjusted with 3D simulation, including position, height and bending parameters.

Nano Suction Cup (optional)

Thanks to the new Nano Suction Cup, narrow model frames can be cut without problems with a minimum height of 15.5 mm "B". Thanks to the Nano Suction Cup and the widening piece, you will not experience the problem of axle sliding in super-hydrophobic glasses.

Direct Drive Glass Rotation Technology

Lex 1000 is designed with the most advanced Computer Aided Engineering techniques. The gear system that is rotated with the Direct Drive ensures that there is no slippage in the cylindrical axis after each cut. In addition, thanks to the integrated pressure stabilizer, the clamping pressure of the arms clamping the glass is kept constant so that it does not damage the glass coating.

Niler Opening

With its specially designed nylon knife, Lex 1000 crafts superb quality even in rigid frame models. Thanks to the large moving range provided by the reduced diameter blade, excellent results are obtained even on high-basis glazing.

Polyurethane Glass Processing

With the Lex 1000 you can also cut polyurethane glasses used in sunglasses.

Enhanced Soft Cut Mode

The Soft Cut Mode from the features of the Lex 1000 is the most advanced technology for Coated Glasses. Thanks to the Soft Cutting Mode, you can operate smoothly on coated glass. This technology optimizes the cutting pressure by continuously controlling it, and this pressure does not allow the axis to slip under the level of danger in the entire cutting cycle.

Working as "Whispered"

The Lex 1000 works with very little noise thanks to a new cutting mechanism developed as a result of a series of research work. The new seal added to the opening of the cutting chamber has a significant contribution to this silent operation performance, creating a sound barrier. With this method of reducing the volume of cutting stones, Lex 1000 works like a whisper.

Automatic Cutting Hood Cover

Automatic opening and closing of the cover eliminates manual opening and closing.

Integrated Business Box

On the machine, you can optionally attach it on the upper left body, so you can use it to put the glass and frame of work to be done.

USB Memory Portu

You can transfer frame models previously stored in memory to your Ice 1000 from your computer. Later on you can transfer this information to the Lex 1000. Data management is very easy and flexible.

Saving on water

The Lex 1000's renewed water spray system saves 40% * of water, while the direct mains-powered glass cutting machines have a very high water consumption.

* Organic and high index glass cutting operations

Barcode Reader (optional)

Thanks to the bar code reader on the Lex 1000 you can save both space and time.

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