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Lex 1000 Glasses Glass Cutting Machine

Optical fashion has undergone a rapid change over the past few years. We've started to encounter perfectly designed, faceted and high-pitched sports frames. Small models also entered the fashion world in the dimensions of the frames. Very slippery super-hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings have become necessary in the glass. There is a real competition in the production and development of these glasses. In facet frames, twin holes (Silhouette), rectangular holes and notches still continue to be popular hole types.

Sistem And NIDEK offers Lex to meet all these needs: High-standard Glass Cutting System for developing goggles with developing glass technology and frame models.

Different (two-stage) Fishback Channel Opening Approach for High Base Glasses

The Lex 1000 reed feeds the front and rear edges of the channel independently, making it the best channel profile. The Lex 1000 allows us to design a frame-specific channel by playing with the parameters of the channel width and height in the user's control, even in the most difficult frames. Thus, the Lex 1000 ensures that even the High-Base windows are fully fitted to the frame, ensuring perfect installation.
LCD Display

The Lex 1000 features a color LCD display for easy viewing. This simple design makes the Lex 1000 very easy to handle. With this system, the optician can see all the values ​​that must be checked at a glance in order to be able to process without error.

Information Bar

Anyone who uses the information bar for the first time, showing which is the next step, can easily handle what they do at every stage of the glass cutting process.

3-Dimensional Fishing Tread Channel Simulation

The advanced 3D simulation allows the control of the position of the channel and the necessary intervention as if it were being processed on the actual glass. The High-View Channel's entire view can be easily adjusted with a 3D simulation, including position, height, and skew parameter.

Nano Suction Cup (optional)

Thanks to the new Nano Suction Cup, narrow model frames with a minimum height of 15.5 mm li B V can be cut smoothly. Thanks to Nano Suction Cup and expansion part, you will not have problems with axle slipping on super-hydrophobic glasses.

Direct Drive Cam Rotation Technology

The Lex 1000 is designed with the most advanced Computer Aided Engineering techniques. The gear system rotated with Direct Drive ensures that there is no slip on the cylindrical axis after each cutting. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated pressure stabilizer, the tightening pressure of the arms which tighten the glass is also kept constant so as not to damage the coating of the glass.

Nilör Opening

The Lex 1000 features a specially designed razor blade, making it a super-quality craftsmanship, even on hard-frame frames. Thanks to the large movement area provided by the diameter-reduced blade, excellent results are obtained even on high-based windows.

Polyurethane Glass Processing

With the Lex 1000 you can also cut polyurethane glasses used in sunglasses.

Improved Soft Cut Mode

The Soft Cut Mode of the Lex 1000 is the most advanced technology for the Coated Glasses. Thanks to Soft Cut Mode, you can perform smooth operation on coated glass. This technology optimizes the cut pressure by continuously controlling and does not allow axle slippage by keeping the pressure below the danger level during the entire cutting time.

“Like a Whispering“ Work

The Lex 1000 works with very little noise thanks to a new cutting mechanism developed as a result of a series of research work. The new gasket, which is added to the cutting chamber cover, makes a significant contribution to this quiet working performance by creating a sound barrier. With this method that reduces the sound of the cut stones, the Lex 1000 works like a whisper.

Automatic Cutting Chamber Cover

The door can be opened and closed automatically.

Integrated Work Box

On the machine, on the left upper body, you can optionally hold it and use it to put the glass and frame of the work to be done.

USB Memory Port

You can transfer previously stored frame models from your computer to Ice 1000. You can then transfer this information to the Lex 1000. Data management is very easy and flexible.

Saving on water

While the glass cutting machines operating with direct mains connection have a very high water consumption, 40% water savings have been achieved thanks to the renewed water spray system of Lex 1000.

* Organic and high index glass cutting operations

Barcode Reader (optional)

The Lex 1000 barcode reader can save both space and time.

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