Optima OPTIMA SV125,OPTIMA EK321,MEDISEAL CP3 Complete line

Ref : 2309080-5-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Optima
Product Size : -
Short Description : Complete line
Year(s) : 2005
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Set of sizes PFS 0.5ml, 1ml long, 5ml
Workflow: The tubs are already fed on the infeed roller conveyor without overloading. There are no devices on the machine to open the overbag or to dispose of it. The syringe at the end of the roller conveyor is lifted manually onto the automatic through-feed conveyor. Then the Tyvek closure is removed manually
The tank is transported further; the nest is lifted and placed in the x-y table. The syringes are filled and sealed with caps. During the filling and/or sealing process, the formation of N2 gas is possible. The filled tanks are transferred from the automatic conveyor belt to the discharge roller conveyor. Capacity: Max. 9,500 pieces.
Technical data: Power supply: 277/480 Volt
and 60Hz Current: 5 A; Fuse protection: 3 x 25°. Filling dimensions: The filling consists of 3 parts that are independent: Part 1: Feeding roller conveyor with table for manual removal of Tyvek . Dimensions: 110 cm length, 80.5 cm width, 112 cm table top height. Removable feet. Removable feed track 150 cm long. Part 2: The basic machine is 190 cm long and 79 cm wide. The through conveyor belt is 137+186 cm long. Exit side projection 100 cm. The belt is completely off the table. The drive for this is at the exit end
Plug-in power supply. Part 3: The roller conveyor is 184 cm long. The dimensions are: Single cabinet 80 cm wide. Double cabinet 120 cm wide; 60 cm deep; 210 cm high.
2. Labelling machine PFS EK321
Year of construction 2005
Machine for setting the plunger on the individual syringes and for labelling them .Workflow: The plunger is screwed into the separate syringes in the star wheel, followed by labelling and transfer to the outlet of the suitable pieces. Syringes that do not match are pushed out into the reject outlet. Capacity: max. 3,600 pieces. Technical data: Separate control cabinet for the machine. Integrated transformer. Power supply: 480 Volt and 60Hz Current: 4 A. Fuse protection: 3x20A Compressed air supply. The machine is equipped with 1 emergency stop on the panel and 1 on the control panel. Machine for inserting single syringes into a " BD Preventis TM " safety device and labelling it.
The safety device "BD Preventis TM" belongs to the group "semi-automatic activation / active device" and is suitable for glass PFS in sizes 0.5 ml and 1 ml with fixed needle.
Workflow: On one side the separate syringe flows into the machine, on the other side the Saftey Device. This is already labelled with the PFS before mounting. After mounting the PFS - Saftey Device, the correct mounting is checked with a camera. The label is read in advance (by scanner) and printed out with variable data (hot foil printer), the printing is checked with another camera (integrated in the associated SYSTECH terminal). The presence of the label is checked with a luminescence sensor. Performance: max. 6,000 pieces. PFS / h. Technical data: Control cabinet with a transformer mounted inside.Power supply: 480 Volt and 60Hz Current: 5 A. Fuse protection: 3x20A. Pre-rater label: For storage of 2 pieces. Label rolls (do not stick automatically). Power supply and earthing through label dispenser. 70 cm deep with control cabinet 85 cm long.187 cm high .40 cm roll diameter; core rolls of approx. 7 cm are not clear
Blister machine
Company MEDISEAL Model CP3
Year of manufacture 2008
Machine that sucks a blister from the roll of film, loads it with syringes, seals it with the covering film and perforates it. The cover sheet can be printed inline in the machine; control of the print data is done by a camera system. Workflow and functionality: The bottom foil is peeled off, preheated and thermoformed to the blister. Blisters with foil bottom seams are recognised as such and rejected. The blister is placed on the machine, cooled and then loaded with product. Loading is fully automatic via a DIVIDELLA syringe feeder (Pick & Place system; format set only up to 25 mm syringe body diameter). It is currently loaded manually in an inclined rail. Correct and complete loading is monitored with sensors / cameras. The top sheet is removed from the roll, printed in-line with an inkjet printer (type WOLKE m600 advanced) controlled with 2 pieces. (integrated in the SYSTECH system, which is assigned to this machine; for this purpose an IPC type VIK2 Master-CX is installed in the control cabinet at the rear) and sealed on the blister. Blister packs with upper foil seams are detected as such and rejected. Individual blister cavities can be punched if necessary. The blister is punched and transferred to the unloading conveyor. Non-conforming blisters are discharged downwards through a flap on the discharge conveyor. Output: According to manual max. 55 cycles/min. Technical data: Power supply: 230 / 400 Volt, 3 Ph with "N" and 50Hz Connected load: 25 kVA. Rated current: 37A, 200 mm max. film width, 140 mm max. draw length, 600 mm max. lower film roll diameter 300 mm max. upper film roll diameter
Vacuum pump installed in the machine . Cooling unit required . Central shaft drive. In addition to the machine panel there is a screen with keyboard for the SYSTECH system. Compressed air: 6 bar / approx. 440 NL/min.

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