Ref : 2265578-3-MT
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Other
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

High-Effect Sludge Dewatering Machine

High-level dewatering machine with integrated auto-control function. It effectively thickens the sludge and dewaters it through the liquid tank and creates high efficiency floculation. Dewatering and filtration are automatically completed in one machine – there is no need for any extra equipment!

Areas of Use:

• Municipal sewage petro-refining
• Printing and dyeing paper
• Leather making
• Coalification dressing
• Biochemical pharmacy
• Food processing
• Steel pickling
• Chemical sugar


1. Low operation cost: Below 40% of belt press and 20% of centrifuge.
2. Power-saving: Less than 5% of the centrifuge.
3. Water-saving: Less than 0.1% of the belt filter press.
4. Compact: It saves more than 60% of the investment for a dehydration room.
5. Non-clogging: It easily processes fats & oils and fiber sludge.


1. Simple processing & energy-efficient in dewatering.
2. The System can be programmed to make operation more convenient and accurate.
3. Unique flocculating agent makes the dewatering of sludge easier.
4. Uniform and accurate dispensing

Technical Specifications:

Sludge Flow:
10000 mg/l: 10 m³/h
20000 mg/l: 10 m³/h
25000 mg/l: 18 m³/h
50000 mg/l: 4 m³/h


Condition: New
Type: Dewatering press [Large]
Noise Level: Low
Water Consumption: Low
Weight: 1950kg
Sludge Type: Liquid to semi-liquid
Dimensions: 382*149*185cm
Power: 2.95kw
Handling Capacity: 100~200kg/h DS
Warranty: 1 Year
Operation: PLC
Certification: ISO
Model: 144597