Others 159CV, Homogenizer

Ref : 1858362-7-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Model : 159CV, Homogenizer
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 10 Jan. 2020

Brand: Herbort
Mayonnaise machine – Homogenizer, Type 159 CV

• vacüum
• 11,75 kW
• container size 320L
• batch size 200L
• transfer speed (water) 500L/min.
• capacity main motor Homogenizer 11 kW
• capacity vacuum pump 0.75 kW
• mixer with scrapers on the side and bottom 0.55 kW
• PLC Touch control (Siemens)
• dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 2.100 x 1.500 x 2.400 mm
• installation suitable for the production of mayonnaise, dressing and ketchup
ingredients tank
• 200 l with butterfly agitator 1.1 kW
• scraper on bottom and side 0.37 kW
• diameter: ± 850 x 1,800 mm
ingredients tank
• 200 l with butterfly agitator 1.1 kW
• diameter: ± 850 x 1,800 mm

An additional PLC control is included to synchronise the ingredrients tanks and the homogenizer ,
with the valves and liquid meters.

This machine is highly suited for the production of homogeneous and dispersion products.
The new mixing unit with the designation 159 permits the production, in one work process,
of a homogeneous basic substance, into which lumpy products can be subsequently stirred.

A powered adjustment unit makes it possible to switch off the homogenizing station;
the product is gently circulated, and lumpy product parts can be added
and stirred without the use of additional paddle mix containers.

The machines are thus suitable for the mixing, stirring, dispersing and homogenizing of liquid,
viscous and, even, strongly viscous products.
Consequently, mayonnaises of all quality grades, ketchups, spicy sauces, dressings, emulsions,
dips, remoulades, soups and other products can be manufactured.
For the processing of homogeneous products the machines are supplied without an adjustment unit.
The individual ingredients are added either directly into the mixing container or by means of a side funnel. Connections,
which make a direct filling of the machine possible, are available. Until it reaches the desired consistency,
the product circulates between the mixing container and the mixing unit and then the final product is pumped out of the machine.

In this case, the homogenizing process takes place under vacuum conditions;
the product is thereby continuously vented and thus has a longer durability
and is protected against oxidation and discoloration.

For cleaning purposes, the mixing container can be separated from the mixing unit, so that all parts
which come into contact with the product can be reached quickly and easily.
A bearing plate completely separates the drive from the mixing area.

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