China 3800/310long wire multi cylinder PM 3800MM 90-160 150-200

Ref : 2091259-2-CP
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : China
Type : 3800/310long wire multi cylinder PM
Width : 3800MM
Gramages Range ( Gsm ) : 90-160
Capacity : 150-200
Year(s) : 2010
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)

3800/310long wire multi cylinders PM
1.Trim width of paper:3800mm
2.Wire section:17500mm length,Air Loading Headbox(Luxing produce),lip
width 4150
3.Breast Roll diameter:650mm
4.The weight of paper:90-160GSM
5.Paper type:High-strength corrugated paper
7.Suction Roll diameter:900mm*4300*5050(90KW)
8.Wire driving roll:700*4400(132KW)
9.Dewatering elements:stainless steel material and ceramic cover
10.Open type one roll:1100/1150*4300*5050(90/90KW)Blind hole
11.Gantry press roll :1100/1150*4300 (double blind hole 90/90KW)
12.Dryer cylinders:1800*4350*20set(4/4,4/4,4,75KW/75KW/55KW)
13.Size press:950/950*4220 1 set,37KW/37KW,Dryers:1800*4350*10set(4/6)
14.Moisture tester,1 set(Shuangyuan Technology)
15.Level reel a set (cold dryer1100*4300,37KW),Reel spool 420*4280*7pcs
16.Frame type rewinder,1set(Changshu,Gaoxin)
17.Drive Section:Frequency conversion (ABB/800)
18.Vacuum Net front screen complete
19.Pulp section complete,motor,electrical appliances,operating control panel
,complete set
20.Year of manafacture:2010(Tianjin ,Gaoxin)

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