Others 500 Pulp Equipment

Ref : 1723582-2-CP
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Diameter : 500
Type : Pulp Equipment
Year(s) : 2016, 2017
Quantity : 0
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 13 Nov. 2017

Brand: Always Machine
High Consistency Refiner
Referred to as the high concentration mill, is ideal equipment for modern paper-making processing of chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, semi chemical mechanical pulp. The applicable scope of the high concentration of the pulp mill, both wood of different shrubs, trees, or cotton stalk, hemp rod, straw, reeds and other paper-making raw materials, can be separated into fine fibers. The equipment of fiber cutting, wire brush effect, and the fiber has good toughness, can effectively protect the hardwood pulp and straw pulp and short fiber length. Pulp grinding time can improve the beating degree of 15~30SR. Than the traditional grinding disc beating machine, improve the efficiency of 3 - 4 times. High concentration mill can be used alone, can also be used in series or in parallel.
The main structure and working principle: high concentration mill is mainly composed of feeding system and grinding system; 1. feeding system consists of motor, belt pulley, gear reducer and feeding spiral tube. Drive the speed reducer through the asynchronous motor, and realize the linkage of feed screw feeding, 2. grinding system is mainly composed of grinding chamber, grinding, adjusting device, mobile coupling etc.. Its working principle is to feed spiral pipe conveying slurry to the grinding chamber, rely on grinding grinding into pulp.

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