Others 7406XR Thermal Curing Oven

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Manufacturer : Others
Model : 7406XR Thermal Curing Oven
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Last check : 25 Nov. 2019

1x, Specialty coating systems, 7406XR Thermal Curing Oven

This full line of thermal cure ovens features
multiple lengths and heating zones
This full line of thermal cure ovens features multiple lengths
and heating zones. The line’s standard unit is the SCS 7406 XR
conveyor-style convection heating system, which is designed
for cost-effective curing of air cure and heat cure coating materials
including solvent-based and solvent-less conformal coatings
The pin-chain edge-handling conveyor is designed for left-to-right
product flow, with oven dwell times between 3.5- and 35-min.
at a selected temperature up to 125°C.
The ovens are designed to complement the manufacturer’s
Model 4398 selective coating system or they may operate as
stand alone units. The ovens’ adjustable width and variable-speed
conveyor can handle board from 5.08- to 50-cm wide, and their
tunnel height accommodates assemblies with components extending
10.2-cm (4-in.) above or below the conveyor centerline.

The manufacturer states that convection heat transfer covers
the width of the conveyor evenly with a standard heater rating
of 16 kW, allowing this system to maintain the required temperature
and line speed even with substantial thermal loads. Optional additional
heating of 8 kW is available in soak zones. Conveyor speed
and temperature settings for various assemblies can be called
up quickly from memory for production changes.

System features also include:
Standard four-zone explosion resistant convection heating
Stainless-steel internal construction for chemical resistance
Ramp up and ramp down have PID controlled convection heating
Two soak zones re-circulate preheated air only
Full 500-mm wide pin chain conveyor