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Short Description : Foodwaste recycling machine
Year(s) : 2018
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food waste recycling machine, intelligent food waste disposer

Kitchen food waste disposer using high-temperature aerobic microbial degradation technology, the kitchen garbage solid-liquid separation, crushing, oil-water separation, extrusion dehydration and heating mixing fermentation, sewage treatment, eventually born water vapor, carbon dioxide and solid that can be used as feed & fertilizer by degradation and transformation.

The whole process is harmless and can increasing the utilization rate of resources, reducing the footprint.
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1.Small size, high degree of mechanization

This machine include solid-liquid separation system, automatic lifting and flip system, broken system, dewatering press system, heating and stirring fermentation system and gas-liquid separation system.

2.High efficiency, less time

The machine adpot of advanced strains, through fermentation of 1-2 hours, and it can reduce weight of 90% -95%. Input after 2~6 hours, all food residue will be broken down into water and carbon dioxide. After about 24 hours, it can input the next batch food residue.

3.Large treatment capacity, easy to control

We have diffent model for satisfy diffent needs. The capacity of this machine from 100KG to 2000KG. This machine with PLC control, and can work continuously, without human supervision.

Our Service
1. Degradation Technology

The machien we adopt high temperatur aerobiv biodegradation technology.This technology decomposition speed, high efficiency and wide application, also can decompose the animal carcasses, garden waste, animal manure.

2. Equipment Part

Biochemical treatment process including mixing, deodorization and biochemical treatment, realizing automatic control by PLC. There is no need for oil-water separation and sorting, also no need for guards, thus achieve convenient operation and safe use.

3.Microbial Inoculum Part

The machine adopt international advanced species, reduce the processing time, the ordinary kitchen waste food can be completely consumed within 4 hours.

4. Degradation Products

Water vapor, carbon dioxide and organic fertilizer raw materials

5. Degradation Products Using

100% resources of organic fertilizer & feed.