Others Formaldehyde Tester for Textiles SL-F29

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Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Short Description : Formaldehyde Tester for Textiles SL-F29
Year(s) : 2008
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 05 Mar. 2015

Brand: Skyline Instruments
Formaldehyde Tester for Textiles

It is used to test formaldehyde content in various fabrics
1. Microcomputer control, automatic data processing functions with the spectrum.
2.With the measurement of absorption curve, the selected wavelength, absorbance and transmittance parameters etc.
3.Chemical reagent package color (yellow), use less sample and reagent can reduce and prevent secondary pollution.
4.Real-time display ambient temperature,it can set the color of time, automatic measurement and display the measured values and the absorbance values of formaldehyde.
5.The size is small,as well as a light weight, with man-machine interaction,so as to operate simply
Lower Limit of testing 5.00mg/kg
Measuring Range 0.00-500.00mg/kg(it can reach 5000mg/kg with 10 times of sample dilution)
Measuring Accuracy ≤5%
Measuring Method It adopts the international standard of acetyl acetone method.
Light Source Super highly bright light emitting diode. Wavelength:412nm
Working Temperature 5-40℃
Host Machine Weight 2kg
Power Source AC220V, 50Hz