RWM type G5 Reams Wrapping / single Depalletizer/ Palletizer

Ref : 383915-2-CP
Condition : New
Manufacturer : -
Type : RWM type G5 Reams Wrapping / single Depalletizer/ Palletizer
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 03 Dec. 2021

RWM - G5 Semi Automatic Reams Wrapping / single Depalletizer/ Palletizer

Manual ream feeding
Manual ream folding
Electromechanic - pneumatic-hydraulic funtion
Min/max ream length: 297 / 1000 mm
Min/max ream width: 420 / 1400 mm
Min/max ream thickness: 10 / 100 mm
Ream weight: 5 to 45 Kg

Wrapped product
Ream paper substance: all kind of known papers. Special designed for sensitive papers

Wrapping material
Paper qualities: 80 to 160 g/m2 Kraft, poly-coated paper (internally)
Wrapping paper reel Ø: max 1000 mm
Wrapping paper reel core: 3"
Max pallet weight: infeed / outfeed 1500 Kg
Max pallet stack height: infeed / outfeed 1800 mm, pallet included
Operators required: 1 for ream feed; 1 or 2 for ream wrapping
Output: according to operators ability and ream dimension; estimate: 1500/1600 reams/shift (8 hours) with 3 operators and pallet change included
Ream gluing system: dispenser with adhesive tape or double-sided tape
Max pallet sizes: width 1400 - length 1000 mm - height 100 mm
Width of pallet feed: all kind of pallet
REam stack (pallet included): max heigth 1700 mm
De palletizer: single hydraulic elevator; single stack
Palletizer: single hydraulic elevator; palletizing in single and double reams stacks
Standard main power: 400 V (+/- 5%), 50 Hz, 3 phase + ground
Control circuits voltage - Solenoid - PLC: 24 V dc
Solenoid valves: 24 V dc delivered from the control transformer
Installed power: 10 Kw (to be established according to the final machine layout)
Electrical plant: according to CE standard regulations
All wiring between the machine and the electrical cabinets ready to install; the electrical cabinet is positioned in a suitable position
Installed air pressure: 5/6 bar
Compressed air connections: 1/2" Ø (air pressure regulator and valves already installed on RWM)
Fastening: adhesive tape dispenser
Machine running noise: less than 80 dBA (measured at a distance of 1 m from the machine)

Electrical components
Logic system - PLC
Interface relays
Automatic switches
Fuse holder
Limit switches
Main switch
Push bottons
Push bottons panel
Safety relays
Electric motors
Electrical cabinet
Proximity switches

Mechanical components
Gear box
Timing belt
Belt conveyor

Pneumatic components
Solenoid valves
Air pressure regulator
Air treatment

Hydraulic components
Hydraulic pump

Machine composition
Single hydraulic depalletizer with adjustable system for double paper stacks
Feeding air separator shovel
Wrapping section
Single unwinding equipment under table positioned
Single hydraulic palletizer
Rotating system knife for the wrapping paper cross cut

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