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Condition : New
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Model : Gauss Meter
Short Description : Gauss Meter
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 16 Sep. 2014

Brand: skyline
Gauss Meter
Easy to use, simple operation, is KANETEC through the production of magnetic products accumulated in the course of experience and success developed a manual test electronic display type Gauss Meter.In addition to the original features, the new models to increase the output of the RS232 interface, can also buy cable will determine the data transfer to a personal computer.
indicate range 0-1500MT
Model TM-701 (with RS232 output port)
DC, AC magnetic beam density
Unit MT / G-cut alternative; 1T = 10000G
Measurement mode decomposition can indicate the accuracy of determination of the scope
DCX1 0-200mT 0.1mT ±5%
200.1-1500mT 1mT ±5%
DCX10 0-150mT 0.01mT ±5%
ACX10 0-200mT 0.1mT ±5%
0-75mT 0.01mT ±5%
Five digits LCD display
Forms check the numbers
Polarity level
Function of zero-level
Max Auto Power Off
Temperature 0 - +40 ℃
Power 1.5Vx4
Volume size 140 × 64 × 30mm
Standard Accessories probe, batteries, soft leather bag