Fubang Gauze slitting machine

Ref : 1416561-12-FM
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Fubang
Short Description : Gauze slitting machine
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 05 Dec. 2017

Product Description:
It works in the first process of gauze swabs manufacturing. It size-cut gauze(in rollstock of large widthand length) into required width and rewind it into required length (Diameter 55 to 65cm) for loading on the following various Gauze Compress Folding Machines

Work width: 90 to240 cm.
Knives Setup: 6 pairs of knives
Minimum Cutting Tolerance:5cm.
Cutting and Rewinding Speed: 70 to 120 meters per Minute(Speed Adjustable by Frequency converter)Winding is Pneumatic Air Shaft with measuring rule

gauze folding machine

Product Description:
Gauze compression (sponge folding) machines for hospital folds OR French folds gauze swabs of 5cmx5xm,7.5cmx7.5cmand 10cx10xm in 8,12,16 ply. Other sizes gauze sponges of 5cmx7.5xm,7.5cmx10cmand 10cx12.5 xm in 8,12,16 ply are also available. Special sizes can be built as per need. Pre-work cutting equipment and Follow-up semi-automatic and fully-automatic packing equipments available also

1.X-ray detectable threads are simultaneously heat-bonded into gauze swabs during production.
2.Humidifiers are used for spraying water on the gauze swabs for better forming and follow-up packing.
3.Production speed for 5cmx5cm7.5cmx7.5cmand 10cmx10cm8ply,12 ply and 16 ply is 90 PCS per min.
4.Automatic counting of PCS and Separation of Counted pieces for different packing quantity

gauze packing machine

Machine (Compresa de gasa y guantes de latex de maquinas de embalaje) for automatic packing of medical disposable products in sterilizable Tear-open pouches (chervon,square other other shape).

1.Products packable:Surgical latex gloves, gauze swabs of size 5cmx5cm,7.5cmx7.5cm,10cmx10cm, urine bags, condom,IV sets and other flat style medical disposable items.
2. Production Speed:
For gauze swab 2 inch x 2 inch is 120 to 150 PCS per min;
For gauze swab 3 inch x 3 inch is 120 to 150 PCS per min;
For gauze swab 4 inch x 4 inch is 120 to 150 PCS per min;
For Latex gloves is 120 to 150 PCS per min
3 .Labor: 2 workers

Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Primary parameter of thchnic :
Volume of inner container : 1 , 3 , 6 , 10 , 15 , 20 ,25m³
Material of case body : Quality stainless steel
Sterilizing temperature : 0-100℃, PID adjustable
Sterilizing pressure : -85 -+80 kPa
Sterilizing humidity : 30-100 RH
EO concentration : 300-1000 mg/L
Pre-vacuum : 3-12 hrs
Times of air change : Arbitrarily
Ventilation time : Arbitrarily
Max.Electri cheating power : 9-60 kw
Max steam heating power : 3-10 lw
Power source :3-phase , 4 wire , 380V, 50Hz

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Location : ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Location : ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Location : ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)