Others Low voltage static var generator (STATCOM)

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Short Description : Low voltage static var generator (STATCOM)
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Brand: Sinopak
Low voltage static var generator (STATCOM)

Static Var Generator (SVG) is an automatic power factor correction module which works as a current source; it can compensate the power factor of the grid with the reactive current generated by itself to avoid fine imposed by power utility due to a too low power factor. SVG checks the load current through the external CT, and performs computing through the external DSP to analyze the reactive contents of the load current. After that, it controls the PWM signal generator based on the settings to send control signals to the internal IGBT. In this way, it generates reactive power current to implement dynamic reactive power compensation.

1.Flexible compensation modes;
2.Reactive power compensation: Cos=0.99
3.Three-phase imbalance compensation
4.Harmonic compensation (Option)
5.Modular design for a shorter delivery cycle and easy maintenance.
6.Rack-mounted or wall-mounted.
7.Single module can be 30kvar, 50kvar and 100kvar, if SVG modules are assembled into cabinet, single cabinet capacity can be up to 500Kvar.
8.Free of over-compensation, under-compensation and harmonic resonance. The compensation capacity is installation capacity.
9.Multiple combination compensation
12.Response time less than 15 ms, linear compensation
13.A user-friendly human-machine interface is configured to operate, and display system's real-time parameters like voltage/current waveforms, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, harmonics, etc.
14.The modular heat radiating fan utilizes a unique control mode, realizing step-less speed regulation, and it will automatically adjust the rotating speed of fan as the capacity output of the equipment, with low noise and low loss.
15.The world advanced power component IGBT is used, which has large power density and high reliability.
16.Digital control system with DSP high-speed measurement and computation
17.Monitoring and display systems have remote communication interfaces, real-time monitoring is achieved via PC machines.

Technical Specification
Rated voltage:400 (-40%~20%) V
Rated frequency:50/60Hz (Range: 45~63)Hz
Wiring method:3P3W/3P4W
Harmonic compensation:Optional
Parallel operation:Unlimited
Target power factor:Adjustable from -1 to +1
Response time:Within 15 ms
Mounting type:Rack-mounted, wall-mounted and cabinet
Overload protection:Automatically limited to the rated output current
Active power loss:1500m, the power decreases by 1% every 100m.
Operation temperature:-100C~+400C
Relative humidity:5%~95%, non-condensing
Dimension W*D*H(mm) And Net weight:30/50Kvar: 35KG 500*590*192 (Rack-mounted) 500*585*197.1 (Wall-mounted) 100Kvar: 48KG 510*270*500(Rack-mounted)