Others Medium-voltage Magnetically-Controlled Soft Starter

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Short Description : Medium-voltage Magnetically-Controlled Soft Starter
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Brand: Sinopak
Medium-voltage Magnetically-Controlled Soft Starter
Sinopak Medium-voltage soft starter adopts magnetically controlled reactor (MCR) to limit motor starting up current. It has the features: High control precision, large starting capacity, strong insulation performance and small volume etc. The equipment can be widely used for various large-scale motors such as: fans, water pumps and compressors etc.

Sinopak magnetically controlled soft starter consists of the incoming line, switch, magnetically controlled reactor and controller. The equipment controls MCR reactance through changing magnetic permeability of iron core with DC excitation current, so it is called magnetically controlled soft starter.

The starting capacity is large, and it can achieve starting control of a 20000KW motor. Adopting dual-DSP and FPGA as the main control chip, so that the system has the strongest processing capacity, to ensure the starting current's control precision. The reactor's high-voltage coil made with one-time vacuum casting molding technology of epoxy has advanced technology and strong insulation performance. Small volume, free maintenance, operation with the colorful touch screen in Chinese, and easy to operate. Can achieve remote operation of DCS.

Technical Parameters
MCR withstand voltage: Three phase to earth:30KV/Min Inter-phase:30KV/Min
Harmonic content:None
Starting current times:1.5~4
Voltage fluctuation:5%
Starting time:0~60S
Continuous starting times:0~6
Anti-interference:EMC level-four
Motor power factor:0.86
Flux leakage:No flux leakage
Cooling method:Natural cooling
Operation temperature:-10 degree ~45 degree
Noise:less than 70DB
Incoming direction:Upper /Lower
Communication:CAN, Profibus RS232 and RS485 etc. (Optional)

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