Others Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-200

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Short Description : Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-200
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AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)

It has a 120 Volt Adapter

Analog Meter
The Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-200 is a world standard for the measurement of moisture in cotton and other fibers and blends from raw stock to finished fabric. It also finds use in other hygroscopic materials such as paper,cigarette filter material and tobacco. A variety of sensing probes make the M-200 adaptable to many moisture applications in which material contact is allowed. Its features include...

Easy-to-read analog meter with multiple scales for diffent materials and measurement ranges. Simple operating instructions are located on the back of the M-200 enclosure for easy use.
All types of interchangeable sensing probes include hand rollers, needle probes, weighted surface probe, long needle probes with spring-loaded guides, edge sensors, special probe for insertion into tobacco bales.
The M-200 is offered in three versions depending on application. The standard version is the Model M-200D which provides normal regain measurement ranges for most textile and related materials.
The Model M-200B is the same as the Model M-200D but adds a special measuring circuit and range setting for higher moisture applications such as size add-on and wet pickup.
The Model M-200C is designed for ease of use in the cotton ginning industry. It provides three very simple measurement ranges for lint and seed cotton. The Model M-200D includes all of the M-200C ranges and more.
The Model M-200 is broadly used worldwide in the cotton marketplace.
Strandberg offers moisture calibration services for ISO-9000 certification.

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