Proposed 24 inch Dredge Booster Pump

Ref : 1290915-10-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : -
Model : Proposed 24 inch Dredge Booster Pump
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 30 May. 2022

Proposed 24 inch Dredge Booster Pump
This Booster Pump has a build time of 20 to 24 weeks from date of order.

Technical Details
Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
Proposed Components for Booster Pump
The major requirements are:
(1) DMI-GIW 24 x 28 x 72 pump capable of pumping 36,000-46,000 GPM
at 206 feet of clear water head with
2200-2700 continuous HP with 83-84% efficiency, probably 2,450-3,000
continuous HP with slurry,
(2) Used EMD 20 cylinder 20V645 engine with 3,500 continuous HP
at 900 RPM to drive booster pump and
accessories (radiator fan, packing gland pump, and accessory pack),
(3) Gear box for 3,000 continuous HP with a maximum 2.77 to 1 reduction
(4) Clutch for 3,000 continuous HP at 900 RPM between engine and gear box
(5) Coupling between clutch and gearbox for 3,000 HP at 900 RPM
(6) Coupling between gearbox and pump for 3,000 HP at 325 RPM
(7) Packing gland pump capable of delivering a minimum of 800 GPM at 240 feet of head
(8) Master skid base for pump, gear box, and pump gauges and controls, and
(9) Master skid for engine unit with radiators, accessory pack, clutch
packing gland pump, mufflers, battery and
electrical controls, engine cover, and engine and clutch controls and gauges
In addition to these major
components that are numerous minor components to mate
the masters kid units together, both mechanical and
electrical systems.

All of the major components (DMI-GIW dredge pump
EMD 20V645 engine, Gearbox, Clutch, and Packing Gland
Pump) would be subject to buyer’s approval prior to purchase and fabrication
The DMI-GIW is not new but has
never been used but must be verified by buyer inspection
The EMD engine has been used but has been dyno-
tested and can be verified by buyer inspection
The gearbox will be either new or unused and be subject to buyer
inspection if not new but unused
The clutch, packing gland pump, couplings, and other minor components will be
new, unless otherwise designated
All warranties supplied by component suppliers will be passed through to
buyer; however, there are no warranties made on
any components without suppliers warranties and no
warranties are made on the fabrication or performance
of the assembled booster pump unit.

The weight of the total assembled booster pump unit
(engine unit, pump, gearbox, pump unit) will probably be
225,000 pounds or 110 tons
The pump and engine are presently available but the gearbox, clutch, couplings,
and packing gland pump have delivery times from 3-18
weeks for the factory. Much of the fabrication time to put
the unit together can be done while waiting to for the gear
box and other components. Delivery FOB to the State
of Kansas, USA is probably 20-24 weeks after
signing of Contract to Purchase

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