Others R300690

Ref : 1687662-10-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Model : R300690
Year(s) : 1
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
AMERICA North (USA-Canada-Mexico)
Last check : 28 Aug. 2017

Brand: Sier-Bath
This unit is the foundation of a Combined diesel or gas (CODOG) propulsion system.

Built by Sier-Bath Gear Works for Avco/Lycoming in the 1970s, it is a gear box used to supplement the power level for boats, such as mega-yachts, needing extremely high speed capabilities. It enables powering the boat with a combination of conventional diesel engine power and a gas turbine.

The 12:1 ratio enables the use of a Dieselor Gas Turbine engine to supplement the power available. Used to provide additional propulsion power of approximately 4500 HP.

Condition is very good. Weight is 1600 pounds,

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