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Short Description : Sinopak Active Power Filter
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Brand: Sinopak
Active Power filter
Active power filter (APF) is designed to filter the harmonics injected by non-linear loads in power networks. It can analyze the line current harmonics drawn by the loads and generate a compensation current dynamically at the opposite phase angle, thereby "neutralizing" the harmonic currents.

1. Based on 3-Level topology circuit
2. Modular design for a shorter delivery cycle and easy maintenance.
3. Rack-mounted or wall-mounted design which can be easily combined and installed as needed.
4. It is possible to compensate the 2nd~51st harmonics, or select a specific order of harmonics to compensate separately.
5. Flexible compensation modes:
Harmonic compensation,
Reactive power compensation,
Three phase imbalance compensation
6. Harmonic +Reactive power +Imbalance
7. Remote communication interfaces, with real-time monitoring being achieved via PC machines.
8. A full automatic detection runs during the whole compensation process, and should it be restarted, self-diagnosis will function; then after the fault is removed, it will be automatically put into use.
9. Free of harmonic resonance.
10.A user-friendly human-machine interface is configured to operate, and display system's real-time parameters like voltage/current waveforms, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, harmonics, etc.
11. Intelligent control circuit with perfect protection functions (against overvoltage, under voltage, over-heating, over current, etc.)

Technical Specifications
Items Module capacity:25A/35A, 50A/60A, 75A/100A
Power supply voltage:400V (-43%~+14%)
Power supply frequency:50/60Hz (Range: 45~63Hz)
Wiring method:3P3W/3P4W
Harmonic spectrum:2nd~50th
Harmonic setting:All harmonic contents can be selected simultaneously
Efficiency:Up to 98%
Filter performance:THDi