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Brand: Sinopak
SSCT is a smart reactive power compensation device which uses SVG module to control TSC module; it perfectly combines the active module (SVG/APF) and the reactive module via smart control system, achieving continuous compensation without dead zone. It is an optimal solution to reactive power compensation and three-phase imbalance compensation.

SSCT = Smart Controller +SVG modules +TSC modules

1.Modules design are easy to combine, expand and maintenance
2.Pluggable design minimizes the outage rate of device.
3.Fast response speed: compensate the power factor to 0.99 within 10ms
4.Multi-function compensation: able to compensate either capacitive reactive power or inductive reactive power, parts of system harmonics, three-phase imbalance, and voltage fluctuations caused by reactive power.
5.On-line detection and display of power quality parameters.
6.Free of switching oscillation and compensation dead zone
7.TSC module operation condition display.
8.Smart control system and mixed compensation mode ensure that it will neither be overcompensated nor under compensated.
9.Smart control system and mixed compensation mode reduces the switching times of the capacitor, prolonging the service life TSC.

Comparison with TSC
Traditional TSC reactive compensation may cause over or under-compensation, but in SSCT, TSCs can implement stepwise switching compensation; SVG modules can cover all dead zones and implement stepless switching to ensure a constant power factor.

Technical Specifications
Power supply voltage - 400 (±20%)V
Power supply frequency - 50 (±10%)Hz
Wiring mode - 3P4W
SVG Module - 50Kvar, 100Kvar
TSC Module - 50Kvar/60Kvar
Target Power factor - 0.99
Compensation mode - Reactive compensation with specific harmonic
Response time - less than 10ms
Overload protection - Auto setting adjustment
Split-phase compensation - 40%~100%
Operation mode - Auto or Manual
Display screen - 7Inch HMI
Communication interface - Optional (RS485/Ethernet)
Protection level - IP20 (More higher protection level to be customized)
Cooling mode - Forced air cooling
Installation site - Indoor use
Noise - 1000m, the power decreases by 1% every 100m.
Relative humidity - 5%~95%, non-condensing
Dimension - 800*800*2200mm

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