Others SL-S28 Mouth Acted Toys Tester

Ref : 354991-8
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Model : SL-S28
Short Description : Mouth Acted Toys Tester
Year(s) : 2008
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 09 Mar. 2015

This testing is suitable for testing the safety capability of Mouth Toys.
Satisfied conditionscreate 295 ± 10cm3 gas volume within 5s at least,And can be alternately blowing and suction toys 10 times. Equipped with imported high-precision pressure gauge. Gas flow can control by the valve.
Mouth Actuated Tester Testing Safety requirements:
1. Mouth toys and toy in which to remove the mouthpiece and cannot be a Widget
2. The un-removed mouthpiece in the mouth moving toys, run soaking test, the torque test and tensile test shall not create small parts
3.The mouth toys if they contain loose parts, when running the durability test shall not create small parts ( alternately blow and suction toys using 295 ± 10cm3 gas volume within 5 seconds and repeat 10 times)
4. Removable or cannot remove the mouthpiece of the balloons must comply with the requirements of 1 and 2