Others SL-T06 Cornell Mattress Durability Tester

Ref : 354400-8
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Model : SL-T06
Short Description : Cornell Mattress Durability Tester
Year(s) : 2008
Quantity : 1
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 16 Sep. 2014

Cornell Mattress Durability Tester

Testing for mattress on the long-term repeatability of the test load capacity, and the mattress compression deformation.
With sofa Cornell fatigue life test method, motor driven eccentric wheel, adjust the height of the impact of the impact block, then 120-160 times / min speed impact testing of mattresses, the impact of counter measures the number of times after the set automatically shutdown.
Circular pads made in accordance with ASTM F 1566-99
Computer, print force value, displacement, time table.

Computer system output: Max 150kgf
Display Accuracy: 0.001kgf
Display accuracy: Indication of + / -0.1%
Deformation precision: 0.001mm
The impact of block speed: 120-160 times adjustable
Impact height: 0-300mm adjustable
Counter measures and set the range: 0-99999 times
The impact of motor power: 2KW DC
Computer system Motor: 1/4HP Panasonic servo motor
Impact blocks and blocks meet ASTM F 1566-99