Others SL-T12 Sofa Durability Tester

Ref : 354414-8
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Model : SL-T12
Short Description : Sofa Durability Tester
Year(s) : 2008
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 16 Sep. 2014

Sofa Durability Tester
It is used to testing the sofa back, seat, arm’s
durability. Use a loading with specified form, frequency to repeatedly load on seat, back and arm
surface loading. This test method is to simulate everyday use, the sofa on the long-term
repeatability of the load bearing capacity. The machine adopts PLC touch screen and the program
control. Can all loading frequencies, loading control the intensity of programming. The most
reasonable regulation structure. Relevant parameters: a) Seat load the module: 50kg 200mm diameter
impact face R341mm b) On the back of load modules: 200mmx100mm c) Arm load modules: diameter
50m d) Counter weight: 70kg, diameter 350mm e) Loading frequency: 0.33Hz ~ 0.42Hz (20 ~ 25 times /
min f) Loading the spacing between the back: 300mm. g) Loading arm angle: 45 degrees. Auxiliary
equipment, including weight and seat height measuring device