Others Toilet paper making machines (set "for Start")

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Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Type : Toilet paper making machines (set "for Start")
Year(s) : 2016
Quantity : 0
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 06 Dec. 2016
Price : 9900

Brand: Intera
Toilet paper making set “Start” is an ideal combination of the ease of service, reliability and maximum low cost.

It enables to making toilet paper's rolls from tissue of toilet paper.

Set composition:
— semi-automatic rewinder;
— semi-automatic log saw;
— logs wrapping table;
— packing table;

Specifications of rewinder:
— capacity: 7-10 t/day.
— diameter of the wound log: 90…150 mm;
— width of tissue (format): 2300 mm;
— with or without core winding;
— tissue and core insertion manually;
— logs ejection manually;
— tissue cutting manually;
— no gluing of last layer;
— easy to use;

Specifications of log saw:
the machine is designed for cutting toilet papers logs into consumer rolls.
— capacity is up to 60 cut/min.
— logs diameter: 90…130 mm;
— length of consumer roll: 80…200 mm;
— link-type machine;
— disk cutter;
— electro-mechanical cutter feed to cut;
— manual log feed to cut
— automatic cutter grinding;
— manual waste segregation;
— safe in service;