Others Vacuum Ceraimc filter 1-120m2

Ref : 359558-8
Condition : New
Manufacturer : Others
Short Description : Vacuum Ceraimc filter
Model : 1-120m2
Year(s) : 2011
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ASIA (China - Taiwan - HKG)
Last check : 13 Nov. 2014

Brand: Shengnuo
Brand: shengnuo
Brand: Shengnuo
A kind of Solid-liquid Separation machine which is featured in energy-saving, high efficiency, low production cost, high automation level, smooth operation, low power consumption, low moisture of filter cake, low suspended solid. It’s extensively used for solid-liquid separation in such industries as ore beneficiation, metallurgy, chemicals, paper making, coal, environmental protection and so on.

Important Features of Our Vacuum Ceramic Disc Filter:
1.High vacuum degree with maximum of -0.098Mpa, low moisture of filter cake, normally 2-4% lower than moisture of the cake by traditional filters.
2.Low power and energy consumption, 10-20% of that of traditional filters.
3.Clear and transparent filtrates. Solid content is normally lower than 21mg/L and filtrate can be recycled or disposed of without harm to the environment.
4.Little pollution, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.
5.Ceramic Filter Plate is long service life, easily replaced and doesn’t require intensive labor work.
6.Dewatering cost if normally 18.8%-40.1% of that of traditional filters.
7.Automatic and continuous operation, low maintenance cost, high filtrate efficiency.
8.Lower metal loss and higher metal recovery.