Others Van dam 6 123

Ref : 1811749-4
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Others
Model : Van dam
Number Of Colors : 6
Size : 123
Year(s) : 1995
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)
Last check : 28 Apr. 2018
Price : 50000 Euro

Brand: Van dam
2661 Multicolor printing machine model "Van dam Van dam " is a fully automatic machine that prints from 1 to 6 colors simultaneously on conical or straight-through plastic cups.
The line is designed for high offset printing on glasses.
The drying method of printed glasses is ultraviolet radiation (quartz).
Used paints are a series of uvrolide (UV) from Zeller Gmelin.
Number of inking units - 6.
The size of the cliche is 600mm x 118mm.
Technical data
Index Drive
• Number of cores: 8
• Distance from the rim of the glass to the center line of the disc: 167mm
• Vacuum through the shaft of the core is spread by a vacuum disc
• Stationary core shaft
Screw feeder
• Fully adjustable screw feeder with a range of 50-133mm
• Number of screws: 4
• Number of hopper rods: 4
Index mechanism
• Control of the cam and the pusher wheel
• Number of stops: 8
• The accuracy of the angular index: 0o00'34 "
Offset cylinder
• Inclined diameter: 807.52mm
• Number of blankets: 4
• The thickness of the blanket blanket: 1,9mm
• Number of layers: 2
• Offset Cylinder Width: 180mm
Cylinder plate
• Inclined diameter: 201.88mm
• The width of the cylinder: 187mm
• Peripheral adjustment: 8mm
• Horizontal adjustment: 300mm
• Maximum print height: 150mm
Main motor: 8.8KW - 1700 rpm
The printing machine is controlled by a video terminal located on the control cabinet. The video terminal provides input and output of data (mode, statistics, etc.) using its control buttons.